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Album: Music From The Center Of The Universe   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2008
Label:Clickpop Records  

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Human Being
2. Sep 27, 2008: Lost and Found
5. Aug 23, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton-You're Judging My Music Taste and Yet You Like Speed
3. Sep 25, 2008: Undrinkably Bad Oddities
6. Aug 17, 2008: Mmmmm...Tastes Like Candy
Escape From The Nuthouse

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-08-27
A whole bunch of indie rock, folk, new wave, and bunch of other things. All of these are either from recorded in or from Bellingham, WA.
Results are extremely mixed.

(((1))) Strummy, up tempo, clean sounding indie with some horns. A little better than expected.
((2)) Bland yet emotive vocals but good bass playing & drumming.
((((3)))) Sort of raucous, not quite loud enough to be hard rock and not light enough to be indie but in between the two. Pretty good.
(((4))) Very basic, nerdy mid-90’s indie rock with a decent main riff.
((((5)))) Keyboard, shouted vocals and doot-doot guitars not far off from Lost Sound or Jay Reatard.
(((((6)))))) Uppity, loud punky/rockin’ action sound & those just about to break apart moments. Catchy & effective.
((((7)))) Metal? Instrumental jammin’ metal that is bordering on the heavy psych side, too. Good stuff.
((8)) Cheesy typical college student “post-modern” “hip laptop-folk-dance” nonsense.
(((9))) Lo-fi, 80’s new wave with slightly OK female vocals. Would would better with if it was sung in German or just instrumental.
(((10))) Electronic waves and tons of bass, sort of like mid-period version of The Cure, but mostly tolerable.
(11) Annoying as fuck “trucker hat wearin’ groovy dance” crud that ‘the kids’ are crazy about. (see CSS, et. al).
(12) Boring airy, folk ready to be pumped into your Starbucks.
(13) Vocal focused, story telling-like folk that fails like a bad comedy bit.
(14) Even more lifeless folk with some random “I walked on the beach” story. Yawn.
(15) Acoustic guitar/accordian based folk, about a millimeter better than Jewel.
((16)) Lazy, reggae-ish pop/rock. A few points for the instrumentation but the vocals/structure sounds like a sleepy RHCP.
(((17))) Surfy instrumental, recorded lo-fi and sort of fun yet very typical.
(18) Generic reggae that reps Bellingham. I’m you’ve seen this same band at every art & wine fest or “music in the park” event in every lame suburb.
(((19))) Pretty good, loose funk/soul jams. Not exactly “Dollar Bin” material but getting there.
(20) (FCCs “Shit” said 4 times) “Bro-hop” made by quasi-political “bros”. Their flows sometimes ok but the general vibe & chorus is quite wretched.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Love Lights, The Harder To Attack
2. Braille Tapes, The Who Wants To Date Us?
3. Wastelanders, The Birds
4. Mission Orange, The Live Long And Prosper
5. Russians, The Chastity Castle
6. Black Eyes & Neckties Tombs
7. Cicadas Digga
8. Bug Jerome Fever Sick Nap
9. Ladies Of The Night Moonlight
10. 10 Killing Hands Human Being
11. No-Fi Soul Rebellion Dance Challenge
12. Jenni Potts A Tunnel City
13. Robert Blake Road Kills
14. Jonathan Mcintyre Wishing Ring
15. Thea Rosenberg That Old Trick
16. David Ney Sunny Day
17. All Nighters, The Escape From The Nuthouse
18. Yogoman Burning Band Street Lights
19. Megatron Take Me Home
20. Assembly Line, The Been Spattin