Culturcide / Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America
Album: Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America   Collection:General
Artist:Culturcide   Added:Jul 2008

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Star-Spangled Banner
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They Aren't The World
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Act Like The Rich, Houston Lawman, They Aren't The World, Love Is A Cattle-Prod, Let's Prance, Michael, E&I, Bruce, Star-Spangled Banner
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They Aren't The World
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Bruce, Star-Spangled Banner

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2008-07-05
This is the album that Culturcide ended their careers with. Its basically original recordings of popular hits of the time (ca. 1984-86) with vocals and guitar added, with the lyrics twisted to contradict the idiot artists, to say it like it is. Because “sample clearance” wasn’t even a consideration to artists in those days, their punk ethic just went with it. But the record scumpanys caught wind and did all they could to squash this record. Brilliant commentary on the music “biz” and the state of hypocrisy at the peak of the Reagan era. You’ll recognize Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis, Pat Benetar, Glen Campbell, Springsteen, all your favorites with big hairy mustaches painted on them. This is great shit that I transferred from my (very rare and expensive) vinyl and cleaned up with pro-tools. Enjoy!!!

Track Listing
1. Star-Spangled Banner   8. They Aren't The World
2. Bruce   9. Houston Lawman
3. E&I   10. Act Like The Rich
4. Michael   11. Fake Dancing
5. Let's Prance   12. Industrial Band
6. Love Is A Cattle-Prod   13. California Punks
7. The Heart Of R'n'r (Is The Profit)   14. Color My World With Pigs