Digital Chess Session, The / Digital Chess Session, The
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Artist:Digital Chess Session, The   Added:Oct 2008

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2008-10-14
Sample art with beats interspersed. Fans of People Like Us, Wobbly, Evolution Control Committee take note. Television, movie samples along with rudimentary synths and drum machines. Well recorded, mixed, assembled, by some 17 year old kid on the rural coast of Oregon. Indeed, cultural boundaries that used to exist at the borders of urban centers have fallen and technology and information transfer has made possible creativity from all corners of the country/world. And the gods looked down and it was good.

1) brief “hello”
2) very chill, soundtracky female vocals with swirling sines, synths
3) creepy sample art’ish with backwards words, layered treated vocals
4) completely mangled version of that terrible Yes song from the 80’s “owner of a lonely heart”, melded with Der Kommisar samples, an 80’s trash bash! 5) brief ambience
6) very brief sample
7) George W. samples, “The evil ones… watching too much daytime TV”, good stuff over an industrial toned intense house beat that spins out of control, then takes a complete turn around midway to cheesy “love” jazz samples, twisted
8) brief, chill, is this Battlestar Galactica soundtrack sampling?
9) creepy samples, slow and evil
10) middle eastern samples with bookish samples involving food (from track 3)
11) more creepiness with female voices sampled
12) very brief
13) speeded up, like 250bpm, basically like a pop song at 45/78 rpm, but it works great
14) very brief sample
15) ambient
16) techno house “D/rpm” for sure with treated vocs, cool, with an over/under beat shift about 2 minutes in
17) brief and chill
18) creepy treated voice samples
19) very evil, brief sample
20) cool downtempo, eastern flare, sloooowed voice sample
21) religious samples, all mixed up
22) sounds like TV/movie sample, mildly treated
23) another mangling of an 80’s hit: “Every Breath You Take” (Police/Sting)
24) heavily looped samples with bursts
25) chill ambient trippiness, downtempo, nice
26) samples over Julee Cruise (David Lynch/Twin Peaks/Blue Velvet music sound bed)
27) unnerving heartbeat and sparse sounds, samples
28) another complete mangling of some pop song that I’m not familiar with (must be past my time)

Track Listing
1. Hello   15. Seisiun Pt1
2.   16. Acid Fear
3. Hunger   17. Seisiun Pt. 2
4. Trevor Funkverstandis   18. Future Sound Of Death
5. Thumb Piano   19. The Being
6. Justice   20. Triple Digital Delay Pt.1
7. Evil Onces   21. I Got Children Too
8. Magnetic Tape   22. Yeyaa!
9. Blinded   23. Stalks Of Dead Plants
10. Extreme Hunger   24. Triple Digital Delay Pt. 2
11. Avenge You   25. Earthquake (Imperfect Chaos Mix)
12. Satellite Anthem   26. Dread
13. New Jack Jungle   27. Melody For Harp Duet
14. Horror And Disgust   28. Smooth Copyright Criminal (Chart Topping Dance Track!)