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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2008

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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2009-01-27
Psych folk and folk pop. A curious collection of female folk artists. The tracks are split up pretty evenly as a mix of old and new. I think the idea is to have the influential female folk artists circa around the 70s back to back with the modern folk artists they’ve influenced. It is a very loose collection, and a few of the songs definitely feel a little out of place. The booklet is very informative and interesting to consult with for a background on the songs and artists. Some of the songs are pretty good, but some of them are just not that great. It is definitely a strange idea for an album, but some of this could be solid radio material. No FCCs noted.

*1. Speck Mountain-psychadelic folk, guitar effects, light sleigh bells, hypnotizing, repetitive guitar and vocals, unidentifiable instrument with solo during bridge (3:07)
2. Wendy & Bonnie–loungey, dreamy folk with grooving percussion, vocals transition to choral, sort of, with a walking bass in the left channel (3:01)
3. Magpahi-bells, synths augment gentle folk guitar in this short number (1:53)
4. Emma Tricca-fragile vocals with relative uptempo pretty folk, (4:12)
5. Selda-again, an unidentifiable language to my ear, with woodwinds and some sort of predictable Indian-sounding structure (3:32)
*6. Lispector-very catchy guitar parts, riffage, strong pop song (2:48)
7. Turid-longest track by far, harmonica, bluesy rock, some strings, interesting guitar work, funky at times, foreign vocals(8:09)
8. Heather Jones-a capella vocals in some unidentifiable language (3:18)
9. Lights-spacey guitar effects frame a trippy tune with smooth vocals, fuzz bass on chorus, poppy(4:40)
*10. Susan Christie-sounds sort of 60s with opening riff, strings, solemn delivery, poppy structure, a blistering solo and bridge, galloping percussion (3:11)
11. Jane Weaver-Violins rapidly strike notes in a slow pop tune with percussion (3:10)
12. Brigitte Fontaine-French vocals, psych, almost Indian folk (4:12)
13. Cate Le Bon-warm pop folk with light percussion and rich, atmospheric guitar layers on top (4:11)
14. Heaven & Earth-very quick plucking in a warm folk tune, guitars in right channel, vocals in left (2:36)
15. Misty Dixon-synthesizers dominate this track with overdubbed vocals, sort of out of place on this compilation, lush track with drums, breaks down at the end (5:33)

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Speck Mountain Hey-Moon
2. Wendy & Bonnie Paisley Window Pane
3. Magpahi Horses
4. Emma Tricca Martin And Me
5. Selda Gesi Baglari
6. Lispector Peachtree Street
7. Turid Lat Mig Se Dig
8. Heather Jones Coli Laith
9. Lights Branches Low
10. Susan Christie Rainy Day
11. Jane Weaver All These Rivers
12. Brigitte Fontaine Le Goudron
13. Cate Le Bon Disappear
14. Heaven And Earth Refuge
15. Misty Dixon Are You Lost