Deerhoof / Offend Maggie
Album: Offend Maggie   Collection:General
Artist:Deerhoof   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Kill Rock Stars  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2008-12-11
An indie-pop/ art rock hybrid. Japanese singer paired with an experimental indie rock band… styles range from pop to punk to rock to funk, always layered with Satomi Matsuzaki’s sweet vocals and her lyrics in broken-English. Hard to liken to any other bands, but maybe like a more light-hearted Xiu Xiu, or a much heavier, more distorted Architecture in Helsinki. Music often heavier than Satomi’s endearing vocals- sometimes sounds like Radiohead or even Sonic Youth. Highly recommended, no FCC violations. Recommended tracks: 2, 5, 10

1. Strong guitars, upbeat and a bit punky, but with the Satomi’s usual sweet voice. [3:50]
2. Poppy and lighthearted. Bouncy beat with innocent yet faintly haunting vocals. This song alternates between fun and slightly creepy. [3:31]
3. Flowing melody in background, heavy guitars. Generally a darker, punkier song. [3:26]
4. Funky, jazzier track. Not a lot of vocals, but some great guitar riffs. [2:05]
5. Title track- lots of fun vocals, including male harmonies. Pretty standard Deerhoof song (if such a thing exists…). [2:03]
6. Humorous, funky track about basketball. Heavily distorted guitars. [2:36]
7. Very short, acoustic track. [0:49]
8. Bluesy, w/ some heavy guitar. Great moody bridge, with layered vocals. Pretty experimental. [3:49]
9. Haunting male choral male vocals + acoustic guitar. Sounds almost like Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear. [2:48]
10. Love this track- psychedelic and full of attitude! [3:35]
11. Gloomier track, but with a sense of humor. Nice searing guitar solo in the middle (around 2:15- 3:00) with cool harmonies coming in later on. Probably the most interesting track on the album, but also a bit strange… [4:01]
12. Begins with strange techno-babble, then samba-like beat comes in. Short, dark and a bit chaotic. No real vocals. [1:15]
13. Jazzy, slow-ish track; picks up towards the end with guitar solo. [3:40]
14. Slow, gloomy track, a bit heavy. A bit Radiohead-esque. [5:49]

Track Listing
1. The Tears And Music Of Love   8. My Purple Post
2. Chandelier Searchlight   9. Family Of Others
3. Buck And Judy   10. Fresh Born
4. Snoopy Waves   11. Eaguru Guru
5. Offend Maggie   12. This Is God Speking
6. Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back   13. Numina O
7. Don't Get Born   14. Jagged Fruit