Holy Sons / Decline Of The West
Album: Decline Of The West   Collection:General
Artist:Holy Sons   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Partisan Records  

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Gnostic Device
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Album Review
Brendan Erickson
Reviewed 2009-03-28
Holy Sons-Decline of the West

These guys are pretty good. Vocals are pretty mellow, kinda Cobain esque, some cheesy casio beats but overall good. Good harmonies; peacefully melancholy. Enjoy!
My picks: 1, 3, 7, 12, & 13 FCC clean (except for 11!)!!

1.*Mellow indie with kinda heavy acoustic? bass. Nice vocals, mid-way through some sound bytes.
2.Starts with kick and vocals, a lot like numero uno, just different beat. Except more distorted and odd noises in background.
3.*Trippier, maybe sitar? I dunno. Apathetic esque vocals like #2. Almost like Moby song? If there was just some synth. Prolonged fade.
4.Starts with very high pitch soft vocals and easy strumming. Slow paced, odd-ball acoustic pop. Turns into “heavier” song, louder, still soft vocals though. Random jam here and there. Weird outro.
5.Acoustic, bass heavy song, develops into more distorted progressively louder. Goes back to the former. Somewhat boring…
6.More meditative song, croaky vocals, gets better. More distorted and louder, drops back down. Odd noises come in and out.
7.*Begins with piano, various sound bytes over it, then static, like changing station.
8.Vocals are kind of moany and same cheesy drum beat as in #1. Kinda distorted sounding and some more sound bytes. Odd and loud fade out…
9.*Moany vocals with some eerie stuff in the background. Then into really slow song, sitar again.
10.Nice melodious vocals interrupted by drums, and then weird bad distorted guitar. Too chaotic. Luckily this track is short. =P
11.FCC Same drum beat as 1 but nice guitar. Nice vocals, a little muffled. Mellow song.
12.*Drum roll intro, then into soft mellow song. Really familiar vocals… can’t place it… Got some piano in this one.
13.*Starts with nice and easy acoustic guitar. Followed by calm, soothing vocals.
14.Unplugged electric guitar? With Johnny Cash-ish vocals, except more melancholy. Easy song with harmonica/accordion like instrument… Casio drum beat at end, with some odd synth.
15.Slow song with more depressing vocals, and some simple, occasionally, eerie guitar. Fake-out ending, just cut it off with 45 seconds left, you won’t be missing out.

Track Listing
1. Gnostic Device   8. Satanic Androids
2. The Feral Kid   9. No Claws
3. I'm Healed   10. Nothing Left
4. Evil Falls   11. Saccharine Trust
5. More Therapy   12. Slave Morality
6. Things You Do While Waiting For The Apocalypse   13. Kindred Spirit
7. More Noise Pollution   14. Bleakest Picture
  15. Song From The Conscience