Margot & The Nuclear So And So's / Animal!/Not Animal!
Album: Animal!/Not Animal!   Collection:General
Artist:Margot & The Nuclear So And So's   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Epic Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2009-02-11
Margot & the Nuclear So And So’s Animal! (Disc 1)/ Not Animal (Disc 2)

8 piece indie rock/folk band with soft male vocals and dreamy melancholy feel. The band explores different genres of music in the same song & layers their music w/ horns, harmonicas, electric guitar synth, cellos, violins & piano. The diversity of their instruments brings moments of lovely symphony. Overall sound is a mix between The Shins and Ryan Adams - unique ethereal sounds blended with some raw folk rock/blues. FCC Disc 1: 1, 2 Disc 2: 3

Bailey “Basil” Richardson

Disc 1 - Animal! (songs preferred by band)
1.* “ass” experimental, creepy with grungy guitar a la early Radiohead
2. FCC “Fuck” talks about burning manuscripts; Has some folksy guitar breaks and mournful, bluesy guitar whines
3. about the Heaven’s Gate cult! ghostly beginning w/ harmonies, violin & scratchy sounds
4. **slow paced @ first w/ acoustic guitar &rattling percussion. Music agrees with lyrical shifts until the lead singer is a man on a frenetic, anxious mission
5. consistent bass line bumps below cymbals, ethereal noises, twanging guitar; lyrics: “you’re so pretty people envy you”
6. * long, epic song; narrative duet about cheating; the pace/style of music alters as tone/story changes: slow acoustic guitar, GREAT violin, then 12 bar blues come in, engaging call and response, ends with slow melancholy & exploding symphony
7. ***lovely violin, plucky guitar, horns come together in a nice Stars-esque male, female duet about mining kids setting up their own community underground
8. ***spunky, tribal percussion, nice layering of instruments, rock out bit with crunching bass & creepy harmonies at end. He tells satan to settle down. what more could you ask for? Last 10 seconds are dissonance
9. poppy, slower song with a harrowing harmonys of hoots. nothing new/unique here.
10.** beautiful song. slow rhythm, he hits some mournful high notes, horns come in late on top of folksy guitar & keyboard pluckage
11. vocals kick in after 12secs; long sad build of piano, some violins, build to upbeat piano plucks, guitar twangs, horns & wolf-like OOoOO vocals
12.*** great percussion, horns & harmonica; a bit poppy with bells & standard soft rock guitar rifts @ times but you’ll bop along. about a hotel ghost trying to hang a sheriff!

Disc 2 – Not Animal (songs preferred by label PLUS some also on Animal)
1. Same song as # 8 on disc 1
2. Same song as #9 on disc 1
3. FCCs “Fucking” “Shit” – very folksy w/ dark feeling; beautiful song & a fave of their fans
4. boring compared to their other stuff. Some nice violin & electric guitar work.
5. Same song as #10 on disc 1
6. Same song as #3 on disc 1
7. Same song as #12 on disc 1
8. * slow song; harrowing, lovely harmonies, organ-like piano and synth work
9. **GREAT opening line “chocking on a bone she comes wandering home” REALLy picks up at 1:20 w/ loud percussion & horns, electric guitar distortion; even more frantic by the end
10. more hard-rocking than their other songs; powerful percussion, aggressive guitar
11. up beat folk rocking w/ steel guitar sound like ryan adams. straight forward instrumentation
12. **starts like a wilco song- soft country guitar & calm vocals; beautiful duets & harmonies; LOVELY dazzling build at the end but song is over w/ about 20 secs left

Track Listing
1. At The Carnival   13. A Children's Crusade On Acid
2. O' What A Nightmare!   14. German Motor Car
3. Hello Vagina   15. Broadripple Is Burning
4. I Am A Lightning Rod   16. Holy Cow!
5. Love Song For Schubas Bartender   17. Cold, Kind, And Lemon Eyes
6. Mariel's Brazen Overture   18. Hello Vagina
7. There's Talk Of Mine Shafts   19. As Tall As Cliffs
8. A Children's Crusade On Acid   20. Real Naked Girls
9. German Motor Car   21. Pages Written On A Wall
10. Cold, Kind, And Lemon Eyes   22. The Shivers (I've Got 'em)
11. My Baby (Shoots Her Mouth Off)   23. The Ocean (Is Bleeding Salt)
12. As Tall As Cliffs   24. Hip Hip Hooray