Funereal Moon / Satan's Beauty Obscenity
Album: Satan's Beauty Obscenity   Collection:General
Artist:Funereal Moon   Added:Nov 2008
Label:Autopsy Kitchen  

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The Last Prophecy
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Luna Funebre

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-11-19
Warped Black Metal from Mexico. The tempos are mostly on the murky slow side. Strange, often obsessive vocals and often unpredictable turns but it works to capture your attention n the same way Abruptum or Leviathan do. In all, strange but interesting stuff. Tracks 1-4 are from 2007 and 5-9 are from their 1996 demo.

((((1))))) Weird, disjointed, kinda blackish metal with slow doomy, jud-jud riffs and another guitarist playing Japanese psych (!)
((((((2)))))) Fast, kind of thrashin’ BM with even more “free jammin’” guitars & sputtering percussion. Not far off from early Immortal
((((3))))) (FCC “fucking” sung twice) Doom as fukk, blackened metal by way of Swans and Zeni Geva.
((((((4)))))) Waaay down in the murk of abyssic doom. All sung “en español”. Don’t listen alone with the lights off!
((((5)))) Electronic/black noise, singular minded but fairly interesting.
(((6))) Fukked up, lo-fi “basement BM” with mangled sound amusing but drags on too long.
(((7))) More of the same but much faster, sputtering drum machine but the vocals and breakdown are pretty cool.
((((((8)))))) Slow, “total discount horrorshow” vibe with female voice telling the story whilst a dirge of drum machine, bass, moaning & demonic growling.
(((9))) Evil jawa gurgling with dark ambient that proceeds to get louder, longer and sillier.

Track Listing
1. The Last Prophecy   5. Witchery
2. Black Sphere   6. Forbidden Rites
3. Poison In My Heart   7. Obscure Dominion
4. Luna Funebre   8. The Lust
  9. I Came From Darkness To Conquer