Growlers, The / Growlers, The
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Artist:Growlers, The   Added:Nov 2008
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Album Review
Rafe McBride
Reviewed 2009-01-30
lo-fi rock in a blues / surf / western style. Mostly loose and messy (in a good way), with a bit of Elephant 6 / Olivia Tremor Control style craziness thrown in. Plenty of reverb on the vocals, twangy surf sound on the guitars, and spooky sounding organ that gives some tracks a menacing quality. Some tracks reminiscent of a messy Calexico, others have a tinge of freak-folk sound. Lots of the tracks bleed together, so check out the endings before you play.

FCC ON TRACK 22 otherwise, clean as far as I can tell…most of the vocals are too reverbed out to understand

1) Opens with horror movie sample. Bluesy guitar, and reverbed-out vocals, bleeds into next track
2) Messy blues with jangling guitars and spooky sounding organ, plenty of guitar solos, bleeds into next track (instrumental)
3) 30 sec messy surf rock interlude.
4) 1 Minute track – nice, simple guitar, far away vocals
5) Opens with spooky reverb sounds, then twangy surf/blues sound with dark organs, kind of bleeds into the next track
6) 33 sec interlude of menacing reverbed guitars
7) Nice bouncy melodic track – kind of has a Strokes feel to it.
8) Bluesy guitar with dreamy lo-fi vocals in background, nice interplay between guitar and vocal melodies. bleeds into next
**9) Bluesy sound, twangy guitar, and pounded piano with some vocal harmonizations
10) 52 sec interlude – cool voodoo sounds
**11) Lots of spacey sound effects, twangy guitar, Western-Sci-fi sound…reminds me of a looser version Calexico.
12) Nice and messy low-fi blues, turns into more of a surf rock song half way through
**13) Opens with ‘40s news real style music sample, then bouncy rhythm, clavichord and twangy guitar with relatively clean vocals.
14) Mostly Instrumental… dark western style sound effects, nice guitars, strange vocals towards the end.
15) Sounds like a 50s style commercial, cool vocal harmonizations?16) Dark repeating picked guitars, way reverbed out vocals, changes towards the end.
17) Very lo-fi Freak-Folk sound, bongo with acoustic guitar, and vocals
18) 38 Sec Interlude – Surf Rocky guitars
19) Another really lo-fi Freak Folky track blues chant
**20) Opens with breaking glass sound effects, then twangy guitars, crashing drums, reverbed-vocals, nice bridge
21) Clean sound with acoustic guitar, bongo, tambourine, and vocals
22) ### FCC ###...shoot you in the fucking head
23) Stripped down blues with just acoustic guitar, vocals, and shaker
24) 18 Minute WEIRD experimental track - freak-folk sound, lots of strange looping /chanted vocals and free-form almost jazzy guitars, some bongos, and other strange sounds
25) Instrumental track with Quiet surf ballad sound

Track Listing
1. Golden Vine   13. Her Command
2. Barnacle Beat   14. We Think France Sounds Like This
3. Big Wednesday   15. Swamp Stomp
4. Old 8 Legs   16. Tijuana
5. Red Tide   17. Lemmy Sinpablo Julano 36th
6. Cobblestone Creep   18. My Forehead's Dripping Ocean
7. Sunset Girl   19. Oh, Sweet Spirit
8. Freedom Children   20. Average Man
9. Slack Back Foot Man   21. No Trees In The Desert
10. Mad Dad The Crusty Crab   22. Killed My Woman
11. Soul Of Coral   23. Jonesey's Bowl
12. Conquered Sun   24. Johnson's Gone
  25. Magic Castle