Ferree, Benjy / Come Back To The Fie And Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee
Album: Come Back To The Fie And Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee   Collection:General
Artist:Ferree, Benjy   Added:Mar 2009

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Album Review
Reviewed 2009-05-19
Bluesy, electric, heavily classic-rock influenced; sounds a lot like T. Rex in regards to the vocals, guitars, and rhythms, and at times like early Rush or Queen (and maybe most similar bands from the 70s). A clear doo-wop influence is present on some of the tracks, adding flavor to an otherwise pretty straightforward rock album. It is apparently a concept album loosely based on the life of Bobby Driscoll, Disney child star most famous for playing Peter Pan who developed acne and died homeless on the streets of New York from a drug-induced heart attack. Album is dedicated to him and "anyone who got a bad hand."

picks: 1, 2, 6; 7 if you want to hear a kid read a poem
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*1- (4:07) Handclaps and tambourine provide percussion, tinge of 50s doo-wop, dark sounding, short guitar solos.
**2- (2:50) Clear doo-wop influence in vocals and backing, piano backing, very vocal based track, falsetto present at parts.
3- (3:31) Rootsy, sounds like a track out of the 70s; early rush shows here; baritone backing vocals and heavy electric guitars.
4- (3:07) Introductory (bum bum bum) sounds like it's being sung by cats, good rhythm, pretty average.
5- (4:33) Lots of electric guitar noodling and backing vocals from children. Very repetitive rhythm, straight from classic rock radio.
*6- (4:06) Mid-tempo, piano and whistling open this ballad, piano carries it; short and simple guitar solo before the climax, which is really just the song getting louder.
7- (0:57) Recording of a young child reading a poem over the sounds of a city street + police siren.
8- (4:26) Crunching guitar riffs open this track, then poppy song comes in; falsetto backing vocals support bluesy lyrics.
9- (2:48) Uptempo rock track with guitars all over the place, sounds like a bad Zeppelin song.
10- (5:22) Sappy, spacy sounds accompany this piano ballad. Sounds a lot like Queen. Probably longer than it needs to be, though intensity does build.
11- (4:01) Annoying backing "yeah"s introduce this straight rocker, uptempo and with plenty of guitar soloing.
12- (4:02) Teenage angst anthem/ballad. Country influenced, steel pedal guitar is present, baritone backing vocals return.
13- (3:06) Loud bluesy guitar with vocals not far removed from speaking. Pretty repetitive.
14- (4:05) Strings add flavor here, vocals are distorted alongside country-esque rhythm.

Track Listing
1. Tired Of Being Good   8. I Get No Love
2. Fear   9. Come To Me, Come To Me
3. Big Business   10. Whirlpool Of Love
4. What Would Pecos Do?   11. Pisstopher Chrisstopher
5. Blown Out (Gold Doubloons And Pcs Of 8)   12. When You're 16
6. The Grips   13. Great Scotty
7. Iris Flowers   14. Zipper Face Blues