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Album: Radio Resistencia   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Enfant Terrible  

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1. May 13, 2010: Hipster Garbage
Mutsuzsunus, Hepiniz
4. May 30, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Alles Hora des Tri
Bells Of Sicily
2. Jun 07, 2009: The Darling System
Once Again
5. May 29, 2009: Secret Passageway Spelunkers
Thousand Miles Of Dreaming, Les Mains D'un Autre, Bells Of Sicily
3. Jun 06, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Schok den Affen
Once Again
6. May 22, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
Hit The Bricks

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-04-04
Amazing collection of electronic, post-punk and gothic bands from all over the place. Features locals like Black Ice & Swann Danger, Turkey’s kim ki o and even a Croatian band called Popsimonova and even more!

((((((1))))) Excelllent, driving post-punk by way of Siouxie-type of vocals. Killer percussion and lots of guitar delay. Great opener.
((((((((2))))))) Wow! Slow, dark, electro-goth perfection with female vocals and a hint of noise. In the realm of Faith & The Muse & Joy Division at their slowest.
((((((3))))) Cloud grey day, electro-folk with percussion with a soaring guitar/electronics section plus even more fantastic vocals similar to Rose Macdowell (Non, Current 93).
(((((4))))) Slow, piano and electronic beats with sultry French lady vocals.
(((((5)))) Bubbly percussion, French-y accordion and lovely female vocals. Australian but sounds totally European.
((((6))))) Fast, minimal, cyclical, dark electro, sort of Croatian Cold Wave. Gotta love that Croatian vocals. Similar to late 80’s/early 90’s Yugo bands like Click Click, Borghesia ‘cept with female vox.
((((7)))) Slow, electro-wave minimalism with near spoken vocals.
(((((8))))) Very late 80’s hard electro like a lot of that “Belgian New Beat” stuff on Kk Records or like minded Belgians, Front 242. Great driving sound with some trippy percussion.
((((9)))) Speaking of Belgium, cold wave, brooding but strangley melodic. Vocals sound like some “ghost of Ian Curtis” thing & Throbbing Gristle effects in the mix.
(((10))) More early electro-throb beats with slow bass and way in distance vocals. Almost there but the electronics are too redundant & annoying.
(((((11))))) Holy Joy Division worship! Yep, everything is Ian Curtis-ified: bass, the sparse keyboards, sputtering drums and that ever brooding vocals. NOTE: This skips a little, might be bad mastering.
((((((12))))))) Oh, kim o kio, is there any song you can’t make so damn electro-pretty yet melancholically awesome? No? OK, didn’t think so.
((((13)))) Electro-industrial ‘ala early Cabaret Voltaire with varied video game-y & planative French girl vocals. Weird but interesting.
(((((14))))) Early hip-hop beats & piano loops by way of Kraftwerk & slowed down trance (?). Rather good.
((((15)))) Airy, Neu Deustch Welle (German New Wave) style sung in Englisch. Not far from Harmonia or Neu! mixed with New Order.
(((16))) Rumbly noise, underwater vocals and flip-floppy electronics. Gets more ‘normal’ later. Weird sort amusing.
(((17))) Big electronic waves, with sections of soundtrack like guitars. Very moody but not all there.
(((18))) Repetitive “doot-doot” electronics with some occasionally interesting noodling. More annoying than not, though.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Swann Danger Hit The Bricks
2. Black Ice Bells Of Sicily
3. Headcollision Fireman
4. Saralunden Les Mains D'un Autre
5. Luisa La Chouf Thousand Miles Of Dreaming
6. Popsimonova Obrisi
7. Flying Bodies Transformer
8. Florence Foster Fan Club Subliminal Neurosis
9. :Codes Something Ahead
10. Agent Side Grinder The Screams
11. Dolina Once Again
12. Kim Ki O Mutsuzsunus, Hepiniz
13. Model Z Military March
14. Le Moine Amnesia
15. Antlers Mulm Painted Grave/Blue Vision
16. Distel Fand
17. Wermut The Systematic Destruction Of Craving
18. Oplen Music For Trains