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Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2009-07-11
Document of a quite an amazing festival held in the Twin Cities in 2006. Primarily noise-rock, noise bands. Edgy dissonant “out-there” stuff. See track by tracks.

1) Zip Code Rapists: very low fi simple rendition of My Generation
2) T.I.T.S.: noise rock, driving bashing, soaring guitar melodies, “chanted” female vocs a la X-Girl
3) Slum: beautiful bashout noise improv rock
4) Nate Denver’s Neck: low fi white “hip hop”
5) Mayor Daley: good irreverent noisey rock, female “vocals”, not a bashout
6) Death Sentence Panda: brief bashy, ends cold
7) Nmpergin: chill near-ambient noise, mellow
8) Steve Mackay & the Radon Ensamble: improv with saxaphone in forefront
9) Taiwan Deth: improv with violin/cello, vocalizations, bells, chill
10) Rusted Shut: looped bashout with repeated “fucking” but its so buried that its hard to tell really whats being said… hmmm? Technically FCCs for sure, but…
11) The Flying Luttenbachers: angular no-wavey heavy stuff
12) The Cherry Blossoms: low fi minimal with girls, Slits feeling in the vocals
13) Smegma: noise, old synth based
14) Sapat: electronic, analog sounding with halting drum machine, weird
15) Yellow Swans: fuzzed out bliss noise with a subtle beat
16) Coughs: noise rock plodding, female wailing
17) Zip Code Rapists: long intro, low fi stupid version of “you are so beautiful”
18) Scarcity of Tanks: Early Sonic Youth comes to mind, noise rock with a break down in middle, spoken stuff
19) Noel Von Harmonson: beautiful noise, droney layers of distortion and shit, low fi, long track
20) Oxbow: very brief, 30 seconds, then the song seems to just drop out followed by 90 seconds of silence, careful!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Zip Code Rapists My Generation
2. T.I.T.S. Mathruff
3. Slums White Slavery
4. Nate Denver's Neck Mace
5. Mayor Daley M.L. Pony
6. Death Sentence: Panda! Exit Villager
7. Nmperign Issues With Identity
8. Steve Mackey And The Radon Ensamble Live On Wfmu
9. Taiwan Death Breathing In Toungues
10. Rusted Shut Fuckin
11. Flying Luttenbachers Demonic Velocities
12. Cherry Blossoms Dig A Hole
13. Smegma Live In Paris, April 2006
14. Sapat Bear Grass Creek Fantasia
15. Yellow Swans Live/End Times Fest
16. Coughs Infanticide
17. Zip Code Rapists You Are So Beautiful
18. Scarcity Of Tanks Bust With Care
19. Noel Von Harmonson Swallowing
20. Oxbow Take It!