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Various Artists / Dj Spooky - Sound Unbound Audio Companion
Album:Dj Spooky - Sound Unbound Audio Companion Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists Added:Jul 2009
Label:Sub Rosa 

A-File Activity
Add Date:2010-01-24 Pull Date:2010-03-28 
Week Ending:Mar 28Feb 28Feb 21Feb 14Feb 7Jan 31

 Recent Airplay
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Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People
4.Feb 24, 2010:behold... the tetrahedron of infinite gloom
Audience (Dj Spooky Remix)
2.Nov 03, 2010:panic!
Perpetual Next/Pop Titles 'you’
5.Feb 23, 2010:Fill in Show
Audience (Dj Spooky Remix), Cool Noises
3.Mar 25, 2010:orangeasm
Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People
6.Feb 18, 2010:gigondo orangeasm
Eolian Episode/Gnossiene (Dj Spooky Dub Version)"

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-01-16 
Experimental re-mixer & DJ, Spooky re-mixes a wide variety of audio sources and throwing in beats & electronic sounds going from Williams S. Burroughs, Xenakis, Duchamp to Sonic Youth, Raymond Scott and Iggy Pop. Also features local artists Pamela Z, & Pauline Oliveros. Plenty of interesting and diverse sounds here albeit not a very cohesive one.

(((1))) Minimalist ambient with some spoken bits about imagination.
((((2))))) Possible FCCs “cock” and “asshole” given the context. Allen Ginsburg freestyling” poetry off the word “holy”.
((3)) Hip-hop beat, accordian, more Ginsburg loops, then a bunch of Jean Cocteau en françias.
(((4))) Jazzy bit of Sun Ra improving. Sounds like a straight sample with nothing added/subtracted.
(((5))) Cyclical loops of accordian, piano & Ms. Stein. Drags too long.
((((6)))) Scratch madness hip-hop cut-upperty. Very early 90’s stylee but still a lotta fun.
((((7)))) Whole lotta percussion and Mr. Duchamp talking about art & creative ideas.
(((((8)))) Raymond Scott sampled & layered over each other and some random voices about “paperwork”.
((((9)))) Videogame-y electro and voice cuts up of Pamela Zs. Pretty funny in places.
(((((10))))) Very nice mix of slinky electronics/beats and a British artist.
(((((((11))))))) Fantastic mix of Joyce’s voice and Satie lovely piano tones.
((((12)))) Cyclical clarinet (like a dizzy goose) and some tabla beats, classical samples.
(((13))) Continuation of #12 just more tabla.
((14)) Boring and annoying poetry in Portugese and India or Middle Eastern loops behind it..
((15)) Dogs barking, babies hiccupping.
((((16))))) Jazzy and French surrealist (I think) dialogue.
((17)) Bloopy-blorp techno with a shitty beat.
(((18))) Whale sounds, some sultry lady and some OK clicky beats.
(((19))) Perfect use of Raymond Scott & the “Futurerama” concept (the GM idea not the show)
(((20))) Horns, some operatic chanting.
(((21))) Slinky & funky dub, Margritte en françias & scratching.
((22)) Free-jazz, noodling twaddle.
(((((23))))) Very nice modern trip-hop with jazzy bits.
((((24)))) Really short burst that carries over from #23.
((((25)))) Sad, soundtrack-y violin & piano.
((((26)))) Cycling, big loops of very Glass-y sound.
((((27)))) Jazzy off-kilter beats, voice and randomness.
(((28))) Broken glass rumbling around in a lottery ball.
(29) Tinnatus givin’ awfulness.
((((((30)))))) BIG ASS 60’s MOD-FUNK BEATS! Where’d that come from Thurston & co.?
(((31))) Flute & bouncy, wild percussion. Very off-kilter but interesting.
(((32)))) Middle-Eastern horns, modern slippy/bouncy beats.
(((33))) Early 20th century sounds, electronic, layered randomness.
(((34))) Nice collision between old country marches and club beats.
((35)) Pretty generic wailing and tabla beats.
((36)) Confusing randomness.
((37)) So-so techno, with some piece of drones buried underneath.
(((38))) North African flutes & percussion and some dadaist manifesto im Deutsch.
(((39))) Central Asian beats, sitar, more Deutsch speak re: art & related stuff.
(((40))) Einstruzende Neubauten of the dada-era?
((((41)))) Early corporate futurism with the brillant Mr. Scott’s sound.
(((42))) Strummy sounds with Tibetian (I think given the title) chanting.
(((43))) Spacey electronics. Ghost voices.
((44)) Glitchy electronics nothing special
(((((45)))))) WS Burroughs, Iggy & J. Broadrick whatta trio. Gotta love Iggy’s very Michigan accent!

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Radiomentale & Matthew HerbertCool Noises
2.Allen Ginsberg\Martyn BatesOnce Loved/A Footnote To Howl (Dj Spooky Remix)
3.Jean CocteauLe Buste (Dj Spooky Remix)
4.Sun RaImagination
5.Mikhail/Gertrude SteinUntitled In Cof Minor/A Valentine To Sherwood Anderson (Dj Spooky Remix)
6.Dj Spooky Vs. Rob SwiftScratch Battle
7.Marcel Duchamp/The Master Musicians Of Joujouka/RadiomentaleThe Creative Act/Interview With George Heard Hamilton/Boujeloud (Solo Drums)/I C
8.Raymond ScottThe Paperwork Explosion
9.Alter Echo\Pamela ZPerpetual Next/Pop Titles 'you?
10.Liam Gillick/ Radiomentale & Aphex TwinSarah (Los Angeles Soundtrack)/I Could Never Make That Music Again
11.James Joyce/Erik SatieEolian Episode/Gnossiene (Dj Spooky Dub Version)"
12.Steve ReichReed Phase
13.Shukar/Radiomentale/Raoul HausmannCika-Laka/Cool Noises/Bbb
14.Augustos De Campos/Bill Laswell/To Rococo RotDias Dias Dias (Spoken By Caetano Veloso)/Above The Earth/Contacte
15.John CageRozart Mix
16.Antonin ArtaudPour Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu (To Have Done With God's Judgment) (Dj Spook
17.Dj SpookyOne Laptop Theme
18.Susan DeyhimThe Spilled Cup (Dj Spooky Remix)
19.Raymond ScottGeneral Motors: Futurama (Interstitial)
20.Marcel Duchamp/George Lewis & Aki TakaseErratum Musical (Score For Three Voices)/Voyage For Three
21.Bill Laswell\René MagritteGhost Dub/Le Surréalisme Et Les Questions
22.Anthony Braxton\Evan Parker\Pauline OliverosThe First Set - Area 4 (Solo)/A Little Noise In The System (Moog System)
23.Bora Yoon// (Dj Spooky Remix)
24.Pierre SchaefferCinq Études De Bruits: Étude Violette
25.Daniel Bernard Roumain & Ryuichi SakamotoThe Need To Be
26.Philip GlassMusic In Fifths
27.Edgard VarèsePoème Électronique
28.Iannis XenakisConcret Ph
29.Ryoji IkedaOne Minute
30.Sonic YouthAudience (Dj Spooky Remix)
31.Alter Echo/Ge-Te Do-PeAftermath Of Creations Dub (In Three Parts)/Dong Lim
32.Terry Riley/Alter EchoDorian Reeds/Aftermath Of Creations Dub (In Three Parts)
33.Luigi Russolo/Dj SpookyCorale/Ftp > Bundle/Conduit 23
34.Fanfare Savale/Vladimir MayakovskyRumba Lu Georgel/I Know The Power Of Words
35.Droma/Trilok Gurtu & Bill LaswellPilgrim?S Song (Trala Shepa)/Kala
36.Nam June PaikHommage À John Cage
37.Morton Subotnick/Dj SpookyMandolin/Acid Bassline
38.Master Musicians Of Joujouka/Hans Arp, TheMali Mal Hal M'halmaz/Boujeloud (Solo Drums)/Dada-Sprüche
39.Sub Swara/Kurt SchwittersKoli Stance/Anna Blume
40.Walter Ruttmann/Troupe From TaschingangWeek End/Ache Lhamo
41.Raymond ScottBendix 1: The Tomorrow People
42.Martyn Bates/TrinlemI Can't Look For You/The Palaces Of Gesar's Family (Dj Spooky Remix
43.Otto Luening And Vladimir UssachevskyIncantation For Tape
44.Carsten NicolaiTime?Dot(3)
45.William S. Burroughs & Iggy Pop With Techno AnimalThe Western Land