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Album Review
Danny Neumann
Reviewed 2009-10-25
Very pretty ambient music. Bon Iver side project. Rich, deep, complex sonic layers, mainly driven by various electronic sounds and distant, echoey vocals, like it was sung in a cathedral. Inspired, soulful stuff. Most of the songs have the same sort of feel as Radiohead's Treefingers, although less dark. The more drifting songs remind me of the Books. No FCC's on CD-R radio edit version, no distinguishable FCCs on normal version. Picks: *: 2, 4, 7; **: 8,3

1) 3:43 - Chill, atmospheric acoustic guitar, and occasionally a reverberant voice choir, which is a little more intense. Faint metronome sounds in the background.

* 2) 6:43 - More upbeat, steady rhythm with repetitive electronic elements and looping sound. Faint chill vocals. Build up towards end with more intense vocals and drum beat

** 3) 4:08 - Faster, cool looping sampled sound, hand drums, more distinct vocals. It has forward momentum and is more like a traditional song than other tracks on this album.

* 4) 2:50 - Atmospheric, drifting electronic sounds, rich, soulful, reverberant with singing on top.

5) 2:18 - More upbeat, hand claps, more layered vocals, lilting electronics.

6) 3:51 - Slower, chill, drifting, a little bit more distinct singing, dissonant chords and sounds.

* 7) 1:07 - looped deep vocal stuff, strong distorted beat, more poppy beat, still has interesting vocal layers and sounds. 1 minute long.

** 8) 6:55 - Steady electronic layer, building electronic looped sample. Some autotuned vox. Propelled later by steady bass drum. Very nice build. Beautiful, inspired track.

9) 3:37 - More chill, track, soulful vocals and choral stuff on top of dissonant electronic chord. Then cuts to just reverberant It's that more peaceful, introspective ending track to give you that sense of closure.

-Danny Neumann / Chad Flaxington / DJ Slothario / D. Clement Okon

Track Listing
1. Husks And Shells   5. And Gather
2. Sleepymouth   6. Mbira In The Morass
3. Island, Is   7. Cool Knowledge
4. Dote   8. Still
  9. Youlogy