Fuckin' Dj Zdena / Pretending To Be An Englishman
Album: Pretending To Be An Englishman   Collection:General
Artist:Fuckin' Dj Zdena   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Ja Dj Zdena - Batman
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Album Review
Reviewed 2009-11-18
Fuckin’ DJ Zdena
Pretending to be an Englishman

Unclassifiable repetitive sample based echo-happy Slusaj goodie. Zdena touches almost every recognizable genre with this disc. The common element is (presumably) Zdena’s stream of conscious, scattershot, indulgent vocal meandering. It’s almost like a big ‘Fuck You’ to music of the late 20th century; he awkwardly appropriates a sound then trashes it by relegating it to sound-bed status while he runs off with a lackadaisical and canyon-echoed half-sung half-spoken victory lap in the form of a spectral, Slavic, less heady Mark E Smith meets the “can you dig it” guy from the Warriors. Come for the beats, stay for the unforgettable and poorly pronounced taglines.
FCC: 7
Try: 1, 3, 5, 12

1. Deep, wavy lows & hip hop drums; think Group Home era DJ Premier meets Gorillaz era Dan the Automator. Harmonica eventually gives way to oddly synthetic guitar solo. Built around a surefire panty-dropper: “My woman – let me be your Englishman!”
2. Funkier rap-esque track.
3. Big on the echoes this time. Looped drums & guitar crunch. Lethargic delirium inducing repetition. “I am your superman!”
4. Closer to punk. His first of a couple ostensible “Roadrunner” covers.
5. Fast synth arpeggio. Sounds like Holy Fuck using a drum machine.
6. A Salt n Pepa remix for a brazilian nightclub where druglords and soccer stars are competing for assorted future sports illustrated models.
7. FCC – ‘Mothafucka’ Mysoginistic sex lyrics Un-echoed Zdena tries an awkward impression of Johnny Rotten doing Jonathan Richman (bad accent and all). Backed by a pretty standard fare 90s rock track.
8. Fast, dark techno. Another “Roadrunner” cover.
9. This one goes everywhere – from south asian bubble drums to invisbl scratch picklz esque high-tone wobbles to chopped and destroyed pop.
10. Funky.
11. FCC –‘fuck’ is all over the place. Straightforward (on the heavy side) rock and roll. Akin to #7. “Hey man…fuuuuuuckk you”
12. slow, low key blues chat. Zdena finds himself in a conversation with some bluesman.
13. low-fi, high mic, no echo, one unintelligible line repeated over and over.

Track Listing
1. Babilonci - Pretendin' To Be An Englishman   7. Losl Deckl - Go Go Girl
2. Urokani Dj Zdena - Music Lover   8. Zalutall Dj Zdena - Road Runner
3. Ja Dj Zdena - Badman   9. Urokanl Dj Zdena - Push It
4. Ja Dj Zdena - Roadrunner   10. Urokanl Dj Zdena - A Man
5. Srecnutl Dj Zdena - Wishful Thinking   11. Losl Deckl - Fuck Off
6. Ja Dj Zdena - Batman   12. Ja Dj Zdena - Hallo! How?
  13. Srecnutl Dj Zdena - Bo Didli