Flaming Lips, The / Embryonic
Album: Embryonic   Collection:General
Artist:Flaming Lips, The   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Warner Bros. Records  

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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2009-10-23
Psych rock. After their abortion of a record, At War With The Mystics, and their never-ending stadium-sized, elaborate confetti-hamster bubble-yeti-spectacle of a tour, it was easy to write off the Lips as a feel-good novelty act or something. When Wayne Coyne started talking “double album” and “Miles Davis Bitches Brew period” and “freaking out in the woods,” I figured he was talking out of his ass again. But fuck. Embryonic is not predictable, hooky anthemic pop rock. Embryonic is sprawling, messy, bizarre, volatile; inspired even. The Lips have finally returned to their fucking weirdo, playfully experimental, structure-less, dense wall of sound, garage-acid-psych-kraut side after all these years. I know you won’t want to play this because it’s major label and all, and I still feel weird about it, but this is as good as they’ve ever been. What an unexpected treat. No FCCs.

*1. Messy, sprawling Krautrock rhythm, compressed, acid-drenched guitars, organs, glitchy, ringing, skittery guitar noodling, monotone, detached vocals. Great track. (3:57)
*2. Driving rhythm, more kraut-inspired bass and propulsive drums, guitar squeals and psychedelic organ line, shouty burts of energy, wah-guitar and lyrics about machines. (4:11)
*3. Ultraslow, pretty, introspective, melodic organ ballad with subtle backing vocals. Like something off Yoshimi. (5:38)
4. Loud, out-there explosion of harps, noise, angular guitars, and intense drumming then halfway through slows way down and is ambient. (2:10)
*5. More kraut-rock acid, droning organs, trippy, ripping guitars, awesome awesome. (4:24)
6. Very slow, mellow, warm high-pitched vocals, sparse. (2:05)
7. Instrumental. Bobbing bass, twinkling weird synths and organs, slow, interesting, weird samples, underwater space station? (3:41)
8. Spaced out, acid, slow-mo-kraut, strong chord progression, evolves into a great pop moment and slowly fades into 9. (2:35)
*9. Guitar noodling, slow, repetitive tribal rhythm and numbing bass, ringing guitars play around with rhythm, crunch, atmospheric, spaced out. (6:58)
*10. Second half (or 2nd LP) begins with bass-driven, spoken-sung glitch psych, cascading keyboards, explodes into another rampaging drum cycle and oddball psych pop. Just weird and interesting and great. (5:40)
11. This track is basically Karen O (heavily filtered) doing animal noises and Wayne riffing off of it. Music is a delicate circular melody. Weird, childish, lighthearted, and silly. (2:14)
12. Carries over from previous track; the bass, distant vocals, and spaced-out dramatic pop and backing vocals reminds me of Yoshimi. (2:59)
13. Unfortunately features the abominable hipsters, MGMT. Anyway, other than that, the song is pretty good driving space psych pop; horns, tambourine, guitar squeals. (5:22)
*14. Instrumental. Drifting, wandering acid-guitar psych noise, auto harp, start-stop messy drums, muddle of noise collides with warm orchestral strings. (2:02)
15. Another slow, warm, synthy, contemplative Yoshimi outtake with Peter Frampton talk box guitar. Take it or leave it. (3:30)
*16. Freak out! Driving, tribal snare and screaming, strange organs, dense howling and noodling in the background. Then it settles on a more normal pop refrain. Rinse, repeat. (3:59)
17. Another bizarre instrumental, carrying over from 16 with the rhythmic dagger guitars. (3:44)
*18. Knockout closer that features one of the best, twisted melodies Wayne has ever composed in front of a krautrock-acid-gaze blissful blend of swirling psych pop. (5:17)

Track Listing
1. Convinced Of The Hex   10. The Ego's Last Stand
2. The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine   11. I Can Be A Frog
3. Evil   12. Sagittarius Silver Announcement
4. Aquarius Sabotage   13. Worm Mountain
5. See The Leaves   14. Scorpio Sword
6. If   15. The Impulse
7. Gemini Syringes   16. Silver Trembling Hands
8. Your Bats   17. Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast
9. Powerless   18. Watching The Planets