Mohawke, Hudson / Butter
Album: Butter   Collection:General
Artist:Mohawke, Hudson   Added:Oct 2009
Label:Warp Records  

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Album Reviews
Ranger Rick
Reviewed 2010-02-15
Overall: B Minus (2 Stars)

From the label (Warp) that brought you Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada comes super producer Hudson Mohawke (Ross Richard). This album features sound effects, intense drums, and synthesizers.

RiYL: Boys Noize, Vitalic

Butter: Instrumental except where noted
1. * (1:21) An intro: Melodic angelic synths, rock snare, clean Electric lead guitar
2. * (3:47) Synthetic Flute riffs, chirps, Fuzzy synth bassline, 8-bit Nintendo melody. 2:48 song ends. Entertaining whisper outro
3. * (3:59) Mainstream composition with clearly enunciated guest rapper. Random speak continues.
4. * (1:35) CD skipping? No, just the song.
5. * (2:12) Drum n bass with key melodies & chirps
6. * (3:58) Keyboard melody is random with off-beat drum n hi-hat. Angelic keys and vocal chirps over wavering bass-synth.
7. * (2:42) Rhythmic/Melodic bleeping over drum n bass. Dark.
8. ** (2:07) Nice dreamy chord beneath rhythmic synthetic vocal sfx. 2 mins.
9. ** (3:12) Radio friendly instrumental makes a nice soundbed with some of the trademark sounds of this album. Ends in airy dream chords.
10. * (1:23) Plain vocal synth with a simple snare / hi-hat
11. * (3:50) Cheesy synth horn / drums / lame guest dude
12. * (2:18) Drum corps meets Hudson Mohawke synth melodies.. Nice drum rhythms and a catchy melody. Nice upbeat sound bed.
13. ** (2:16) Drum rhythm and synth sounds like monkeys playing in the jungle.
14. * (2:58) Poppy guest vox over drum clap. Toni Tony Tone' are back?
15. *** (3:10) Epic synth rhythm under bleeping lead synth and a vocal sample. Catchy beat. Layers give this a huge sound.
16. ** (4:55) glitchy vox over ethereal keys organizes over a melody. DJ Gears, check it out..
17. *** (2:42) catchy rhythmic pumping drum and fem vocal. Some sound effects.
18. * (2:44) Pieces of everything. Chimes, off-beat snare, synth monkey(horn), kick drum, Nintendo, at a house music tempo. Ends with keyboard solo.
Colin Raffel
Reviewed 2009-11-01
Hudson Mohawke - Butter

Sort of a change of pace for this left-field hip hop instrumentalist. His past stuff was excellent high energy glitchy stuff, this is more like a weird take on 80s R&B and modern pop rap. Frantic crazy drumming, shimmery synth stabs, pitched vocals throughout. "├╝ber-pop hip hop". Some goofy vocals and spoken word too. A couple of really excellent tracks! FCC's on 3 and 11 I think; it's sort of hard to understand the rapper.
1) Epic/weird intro track with synths and guitar shredding, drum rolls. Not really a song.
2) 80s theme synths, reverbed stuttery drum machine intro, video game sounds then deep scary bassssss. Weird kids spoken word intro (1 minute).
3) One or two FCC's! Almost outkast rapping over shimmery synths and more stuttery drum machines. More weird kids spoken word.
*** 4) Sugary glitchy melodies and banging beats, pitched up vocals. Really nice!
5) Bogus 80s choir vocals and shimmery percussion, more drum rolls.
*** 6) Eerie? pitched vocal intro. More stuttery drums bust in, then bass synths. Shimmering synths near the end. Good progression.
7) Cheesy light beatbox, more dramatic synths and growls, drums are more clicky here.
8) Background chords with goofy vocal arpeggios. No drums, just chiller
9) Really epic cheese 80s TV theme show stuff. Asian influenced solos. Soft synth outro.
10) Ominous vocal hits and standard rap drums (bass + snare).
11) FCC's again! Spoken word intro, more of the outkast-like guy. I could hear the almost R&B instrumentation in some bogus modern video game.
*** 12) Yeahh cranking fast beats and melodic hits.
13) Goofy glitch vocals and bongos, synth stabs. Light weight.
14) Frantic 80s leads and R&B singer. Low voice chorus. Synth only outro.
15) Poppy dance leads + pads, then epic slow beat. Some "breakdowns".
16) Loose form intro with vocals and crackling and some melodies. It just gets looser from there, no beats, just sounds.
17) Weird clicky rhythm and sung vocals. Vocals are treated more like a synth. No real progression but good sounds.
*** 18) Going out with a bang right? More shimmery synth stabs, fast stutter dance hip hop beats

Track Listing
1. Shower Melody   10. Twistclip Loop
2. Gluetooth   11. Just Decided (Feat.Olivier Daysoul)
3. Joy Fantastic (Feat. Olivier Daysoul)   12. No One Could Ever
4. 3.30   13. Velvet Peel
5. Trykk   14. Tell Me What You Want From Me (Feat. Dam-Funk)
6. Fruit Touch   15. Fuse
7. Zooo00oom   16. Star Crackout
8. Acoustic Lady   17. Allhot (Feat. Nadsroic)
9. Rising 5   18. Black N Red