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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2009

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-10-24
Crazy-ass underground international hardcore/fast-core/hardcore/grind/heavy rawk compilation. Tons of killer bands all screaming and blasting from Finland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Holland, Chile, Peru, USA and some place called Philadelphia.

(((((1))))) Not the manic hardcore Terveet Kadet that most know but the heavy rawkin' metalic Terveet Kadet. Still super rockin' and very catchy.
(((2)))) Another heavy rocker from these Finns but this one does drag a little too long. Would be better if it's was only 3 min.
((((3))))) Weird-ass, odd-metered power-violence-y tune with Rich Hoak (Brutal Truth) bizarre vocals. Takes awhile to sink in but it's fun.
(((((4))))) Gnarly, violent Italian fast-ass hardcore. Viva!
((((((5)))))) Swedish Crrrrrussst! Total maniac energy!
(((((6)))))) (FCC "fucking" sung three times), Dual vocals, mid-paced monster rockin' heavy-ass Swedish TRUE HARDCORE!
((((((7)))) TOO MANY FCCS -AVOID!
((((((8)))))) Brutal as a brick to the head Death-Grind-Powerviolence.
(((((9)))) Japanese for "galloping over ruins and looking for another poser's head to cut off."
((((10)))) Old school mid-80's style Discharge influenced d-beat/raw-punk.
((((11)))) TOO MANY FCCs-AVOID!
(((((12))))) (FCCs "Fuckin" but sounds like "PHOCKIN"?) Rough & tumble Swedish hardcore.
(((((13))))) Ripping Dutch fast-core/early power-violence 'ala No Comment & Citizen's Arrest.
(((((14))))) KILLER guitar tone and a "beatdown" fastcore that beats down on the jocks.
((((15)))) TOO MANY FCCs-AVOID!
((((16)))) Face melting Death Grind from Finland.
((((17)))) Hammering, drum heavy, brutal grind & ultra-core madness.
((((18)))) Agonizing screamed out grind & raw hardcore. Insane but pretty awesome stuff.
((19)) Verrrry standard 90's style death-grind.
(((20))) Slowish to fast then slow, gaggle-kackle vocal death-grind from Chile.
(((21))) Raw live Brasilian crusty/death metal. Not far from Brasilian Death Metal 'ala Sarcofago, Vulcano, etc.
((((22)))) Sludgy into sputtering raw Crusty, 1st Wave Death Metal.
(((23))) (FCC "fucked up" sung once) Pissed off street punk/hardcore with a bunch of neat choruses.
(((((24))))) (FCC "fuck" sung once) Bare-bones, raw and rippin' Anarcho-punk with a great vocal breakdown.
((((25)))) Crazy dual vocal power-violence. How has 625 Thrash NOT released this band?
(((26))) Decent death-grind with a neat hardcore change up in the middle.
((((27)))) Mellow intro into blasting d-beatin' dual vocal Swedecrust.
((((28)))) Low-end heavy, raw mid-80's styled hardcore en espanol.
((((29)))) Catchy & classic vocal-centered hardcore with dual vocals.
((30))) Weird, out of place industrial noise thing. WTF?

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Terveet Kadet Death Factory
2. Terveet Kadet The Ultimate Pain
3. Total Fucking Destruction Pig's Head
4. Cripple Bastards Pilizza Un Araza De Estenguere
5. Uncurbed Mercenaries Of War
6. Uncurbed Lost In Sorrow
7. Uncurbed Go To Hell/I Hate You
8. D-River Blast Osyou
9. D-River Yonaoshi Wassayoi
10. Hellshit Burn
11. Hellshit This Is Shit
12. Hellshit Cp
13. Boycot Old People
14. Boycot Why Should You Use Words If You Can Use Force
15. Suppository Some Old Bullshit
16. Suppository Face The Facts
17. Kirous Haviaja Voittajiem Tukena
18. Kirous Valheiden Aika
19. Chicken Eye Indecision
20. Chicken Eye Dimension Anal
21. Armagedom Poison Of Death
22. Armagedom Mensageiros Do Final
23. Sediction Act¡ Liberty Riot
24. Sediction Act¡ Lockdown
25. Parental Advisory Desligue Ja!
26. Parental Advisory Ilusao Antropocentrica
27. Kortrovers Skendemokrati
28. Anfo Sin Salida
29. Anfo En Mi Cerebro
30. Congential Heamorrhoids Noise Effort For Exterminate Rockstart