Various Artists / Tribute To The Dead Soliders (1914-1918) Part 2
Album: Tribute To The Dead Soliders (1914-1918) Part 2   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2009
Label:La Cavernec Du Dragon  

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4. Jun 12, 2010: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Apparition in Doomlord's Window
Russian War Hymn
2. Nov 11, 2010: Bukkake the Gathering
Haidekampf, Cendres De Ruines, Playground
5. Jun 12, 2010: lost and found
3. Oct 06, 2010: Pee Pirates In The Playoffs, Why Did We Take All Those Laxatives
Preussischer Stolz
6. Jun 07, 2010: Union Bustin

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-05-26
((((1)))) Somber English neo-folk. Pretty nice & simple.
(((2))) Basic chord, neo-folk “im Deutsch” the flute parts makes it rise above average.
((((3)))) War ballad mixing of traditional and neo-folk.
((((4)))) Old tyme sample, martial percussion and cinematic piano & strings.
(((((5)))))) Phillip Glass sample with nice layer of dark ambient, minimal synths + French voice.
((((((7)))))) The Kaiser’s horse platoon trotting about & some pretty haunting neo-classical - all sounding the trumpet of war.
(((((8))))) Windswept safe house for local soldiers awaiting their next steps on the battlefield.
(((((9))))) More wind, dark clouds and ghosts from wars past, der Kaiser or a German(ic) general. THEN operatic crescendo and French narration. 5 songs in one.
((((((10)))))) GREAT dirgy organ drone played by the Phantom himself (he fought in WWI in the ghoul division).
(((11))) Minimal bits of guitar strum, rumbles, keyboards & clainet. Drags on too long.
((((((((12)))))))) ) Triumpherant, national-anthem-ish, very nice even IF it’s evokes shitty propaganda. Aburpt ending.

DISC II (tracks 13-24 starts with KINKY PROPAGANDA & ends with WORMBURNER)

13. ((((1)))) Clangy rapid gun fire type sounds and various rumbles and vortexes.
((((2))))) Dark ambient with voices, distant explosions.
((((((3))))) BOMBASTIC & Martial as fuck. Unforgiving repetition.
((((4)))) Dark ambient with metallic steam and iron emitting from it.
(((((5))))) Excellent pummeling percussive bombast, occasional Deutsch voice.
((((6)))) Claustrophobic, overlapping tones & noise-similar to early experimental works but creepier.
((((7)))) Loud ambient drone & random clanging, gun fire & wartime chaos.
((((8)))) Airy, minimalist ghostly ambience.
((((9)))) Walls of harsh noise – hissing & exploding in your ear + words in Latvian(?)
((((10)))) Opera sample then fantastic ambient-industrial mix.
((((((11))))) Flamethrower of HARSH-ASS noise & war rituals. Nevermind the Jilat/Necroanal – das der estre Weltkrieg/Prima Guerra Mondiale !
(((((12))))) Buzzing distortion & ambience. Nice closer.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Pale Roses The Bowmen
2. In Scherben Kriegslied
3. Kunstgerecht Died Before Their Time
4. Strydwolf Tribute
5. Barbarossa Umtrunk Les Oies Sauvages Volent Vers Le Nord
6. Quentaro Widow
7. Persona Preussischer Stolz
8. Merankorii Playground
9. Nebel Cendres De Ruines
10. Surma Haidekampf
11. Nuit Close Le Traumatisme Du Guerrier
12. L'artiste Inconnu Russian War Hymn
13. Kinky Propaganda Norden 14
14. British Iron Age Gas Attack
15. Seuchensturm Stechschritt 1914
16. Holtzman Engine Steam Engines
17. Spreu & Weizen Heimkehr
18. L.C.B. Xxvii
19. Nuevo Ideal Nacional In Memoriam Teniente Carlos Meyer Baldóv
20. Maximum Terrorem Pile Of Corpses 1918
21. Zahnrad Overhang By Eternity (Latvian Riflemen)
22. Front Sonore La France , La Victorieuse !
23. Corazzata Valdemone Il Fante Affardellato
24. Wormburner Tanga 1914 (Battle Of The Bee's)