Rammstein / Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
Album: Liebe Ist Für Alle Da   Collection:General
Artist:Rammstein   Added:Nov 2009
Label:Universal Records  

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Roter Sand (Orchester Version)

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-11-29
Double album for the masters of Deustch “Neu “Neu Deutschhartmusik” (New German “Hard [Rock] Music”). It’s really catchy and oftentimes fun. Rarely does it get so repetitive that it’s annoying. Often bombastic and anthemic. Despite the harsch-ness of the vocal delivery and presentation the album title means “Love is there for all”. The all Deutsch lyrics help and not hinder Rammstein. Nothing all-that controversial. I leave you to Schule or Google translate for the rest. Sure they they take a strong influence from the likes of Laibach but they have given them their blessing – even collaborating on a song together. Das ist gut musik, ja!

Disc I/Ein
((((1)))) Slow ambient intro into heavy guitars and sputtering beat then synth & deep vocals vs. light backing chorus.
(((((2))))) Cycling electronics, jud-jud heavy rock riffs and more electronics. Nice, kinda swingy/cabaret tempo. Very catchy even if you don’t know Deutsch.
(((((3))))) Laibach-style opening. Comes across like a Teutonic Judas Priest with a modern chorus. Rad!
(((((4)))) WaxTrax! style late 80’s electronic into modern, “march-tempo” Deutsch Rock. Good use of rolling “r”. Plus a “riff-nick” of “Radio Clash”.
(((((5))))) Bombastic, hard/modern Metalisch Rock. "Title means - Bückstabü", “a word made up by the band to mean whatever the listener wants it”.
(((((6))))) Nice acoustisch/hard rock ballad about Spring in Paris. Very good vocals.
((((7)))) Vocal-centric, very silly but amusing with chunks of bombast. Didn’t think that Vien was so dünkleheit er, dark.
(((8))) TOO MANY FCCs –AVOID! (Though, another case of Germans DEFINITELY having a sense of humor. Worst song ever as potential pick up line).
(((((9))))) Thrash Metal intro then more like again a Teutonic Judas Priest. Good vocal delivery, too.
((((10)))) Electronic & vocal based with some big upfront riffing. Very character-based performance.
((((11)))) Whistling, slow melancholic balladry. More rolling “r”. Sounds like it should be in a Wim Wenders or Werner Hertzog movie.

(((1))) Basic riff that would easily fall apart in lesser hands, typical Rammstein-ian , over-the-top vocals, decent chorus but too redundant.
((((2)))) Trippy intro, semi-ballad with a lot of Germanic grandeur.
((((3)))) Distant then big Metal-isch riff (not unlike Ministry or later-era Metallica) goes into bombastic heavy rock. Very interesting, dramatic vocals.
((((4)))) Different mix of track #11 with more bass and orchestral backing.”Acccchhhkkkk-das Blut…”
(((5))) Part 2 of the last track with more whilsting & bass.

Track Listing
1. Rammlied/Ramm Song   9. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da/Love Is There For All
2. Ich Tu Dir Weh/I'm Hurting You   10. Mehr/More
3. Waidmanns Heil/Hunter's Salute/Hail   11. Roter Sand/Red Sand
4. Haifisch/Shark   12. Führe Mich/Lead Me
5. B********/Büchstabü   13. Donaukinder/Children Of The Danube
6. Früling In Paris/Spring In Paris   14. Halt/Stop
7. Wiener Blut/Viennese Blood   15. Roter Sand (Orchester Version)
8. Pussy   16. "Liese" (Liese)