Grand Invincible / Ask The Dust
Album: Ask The Dust   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Grand Invincible   Added:Dec 2009

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-05-09
Local (Palo Alto & San Carlos) hip-hop duo of Eons One & Luke Sick. Dunno who Luke worked before but his MCing is quite good and easy to get into. Some interesting and unpredictable word play. DJ Eons One throws down some really great beats, samples & loops. Very innovative & TRILL hip-hop straight from the Peninsula.

((((1)))) Cool Intro with some good, scratching & a looped strings.
(((2)))) (FCC “Fuck that” sampled once) Bassy, funky, beat & bass. Steady & really good lyrical flow.
(((3))) Bouncy, soulful beat & flor. Kinda “party” vibe.
((((4)))) (FCC “shit” 1x, “fuck” 1x). Slinky, soundtrackish jazz. Luke Sick is chillin’ with Prince’s keyboardist? “Quittin’ and hittin’ like Hideo Nomo”.
((((5)))) Bouncy beat, delivery reminds me of Viktor Vaughn, some harps, cymbals & a 60’s chorus, rolling piano. Plus a Dwight Gooden reference.
(((6)))) (FCC “Fuck”, “shit”, “fucking” all 1x each).
Feverish rants, Morricone loop, 60’s mod-groove backing.
Jagged beat, sort Wu Tang/Paris-like beat & flow.
((((8)))) (3 FCCs “shit”, motherfuckin’” & “fuck”) Loose, funky, crispy vinyl contrasted with light jazz, hard & fast MCing, cuttin’ Mothers of Invention, “my karoke show I’m down with Loki”. Cool break @ 2:05.
((((9)))) Big ass beat, piano breaks, pretty fast MCing, neat call & response plus a very catchy chorus. “Leave print on your cheek like a waffle.”
(((10))) Electronic ambient backing with a nice, slowly building funky beat. “Opulent warlocks…”
((((11)))) Jazz horn loop, bouncy beats, toughs-style lyric flow reminds me of Paris. Would work well in a club.
(((((12))))) [FCCs “Motherfucking” 2x and “fuck” 1x] Trippy jazz cat sample and, flute, horns, laid back MCing. Loops of the Channel 2 news theme.
(((13))) Hip-hop version of a trad. rock n’ roll ballad. Semi-psych loop & bass, slow “ebba-ebba” scratching and a…Galaxy 500 sample?!? Silly but pretty fun.

Track Listing
1. Codenames   7. Gold With The Cursive
2. Earn The Pay   8. Megablast
3. Tighter   9. Elephant Tranq
4. Purse Theives   10. War Memorial
5. North Route   11. Time To Get Gucci
6. The Style Is Bonkers   12. Dennis Richmond
  13. Lisa