Half-Handed Cloud / Cut Me Down & Count My Rings
Album: Cut Me Down & Count My Rings   Collection:General
Artist:Half-Handed Cloud   Added:Dec 2009
Label:Asthmatic Kitty Records  

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Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Why? Medley)

Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2010-03-28
SHORT songs, very twee, with odd and creative arrangements, all sorts of interesting noises and textures. Catchy (and short), uber-poppy tunes, all with pipey, earnest vocals. Jangly and quirky and catchy and short. SHORT. (I mean, there are 46 tracks on this disc (!)) A collection of B-sides and EPs and other curios that Half-Handed Cloud recorded over the last decade, in addition to his full-fledged albums. Also, a tip: don't review albums with 46 tracks. It's a chore. (NOTE: the "+"s below denote Christian content in lyrics, for better or worse.)

(No FCCs.)

1. Surprise vocal, after sound of steam-pipe. Catchy, with asynchronous backbeat. (:58) +
2. Insistent drumming, plinked chimes. Goofy biblical story monologue about following a serpent. (1:08) +
3. Catchy bass playing, with weird Atari-type sound effects. (:37) +
4. Guitar. (1:04)
5. Bleeps and bloops, with sweet-sounding ballad break. Too syrupy, too didactic. But a cool scat saves it. (1:32)
6. Jangly, really catchy, with a not-quite there brass band. (:57) +
7. More of same, for better or worse. (:57) +
8. Nice harmony, tambourine and drums played alongside a buzzing sound. Processed vocals. Weird effects all over the place. (1:17) **
9. Really asynchronous. Shambling, spare. Twee piping, and then stabbing guitars. (1:14) + *
10. Typical-sounding, in comparison to other tracks. Guitar and vocals, that's it. Oh, wait. Distorted bagpipes and bells and a vocal chorus. (1:52) +
11. A tambourine played backward, and then twee vocal, over Casio-type keyboards. Crazy digital slide whistle. (1:07) *
12. Rocking guitar intro... eventually, a nice jangly chorus. (1:39) *
13. Strangled noise in background, some whistling, and some echoes. (1:13)
14. Little girl sings for :45 about Jesus, with odd digital interruptions. Then a crawling guitar, and bunch of "la-la-la"s, then really shambling song in earnest... which speeds up, with odd brass and other dissonant diversions. (2:34) + *
15. Even poppier. Perky back-and-forth, then some contemplative Casio noodling, some harmony backing, digital buzzing takes the place of bass. All sorts of nonsense vocals. (2:28) **
16. Bells, played forward and in reverse. Some scrambled signals, and offbeat triangle play. Vocals come back in different choruses, faster and more fun each time. (2:01)
17. Catchy off the bat, with clapping. Epic scatting, then woozy, with brass sounds, sludgier all the time. Two and half minutes in, picks up a salsa-type rhythm. Then gives it up. (4:17) +
18. Strained falsetto, led alongside marching tempo. Dies at 1:50, with a weird staticky outro. (2:11)
19. Woozy brass band to start, with peppy "doo-doo-doo"s over it.(2:22)
20. Instrumental. Plinky piano and a dying trumpet. (:54)
21. Emotional vocals, with a disconcerting bit of screaming. (1:38)
22. Piano noodling, ethereal choral arrangement, then insistent percussion, and tambourine, and digital harp. (1:26)
23. Rollicking, bouncy piano and other sounds, gets caught in a poppy rut, and then a final catchy burst. (1:20) *
24. More of the plinky piano, and is that a calliope? Well, at any rate, a fun carnival atmosphere. (1:28) *
25. More of same. (1:01)
26. Much bouncier. (2:10)
27. Classy string intro, counterset against plinking chimes. Later some squirrely vocals join in. (2:17)
28. Overbearing Casio, straitjacket rhythm breaks down suddenly, and builds up again. Eh, a little annoying. (1:33)
29. Whining vocals. (2:14) +
30. Bouncy intro, nice a cappela breakdown. (:50) +
31. More of the charming hapless drums. Fun stabbing voices. (1:20) *
32. Flattened tuba in background. Into a stomping rhythm, and then back. (1:34)
33. Persecuted vocals, weird mismatch for continuing fun scatting. (:54) +
34. Slower, a little boring. Nice strings, though. (2:16) +
35. Droning at first. (1:26) +
36. More like it, galloping intro, hilarious strained falsetto. (2:08) * +
37. Overbearing drums, some stuff about devils. (1:16) +
38. Uncanny failed carnival music, with original song peeling into new song. (1:08) *
39. Stomping piano. (1:03)
40. Shambling, catchy. Spy-movie minimalist piano. (2:24) +
41. Sped-up vocals. Tedious. (2:25) +
42. Opens with the right doo-doo-doo, hits an amusing rut, then shifts into odd George W. Bush ballad. Eight or so more sections, talking about prostitutes, flaccid xylophones. All good stuff. (2:51) **
43. Nothing much to say at this point. (1:53)
44-46. Scratched. Damn these cardboard sleeves.

Track Listing
1. You Call Yourself Our Shepherd   24. I Got A Letter
2. It's Better To Follow The Shepherd   25. Ten Commandment Tombstone
3. The Shepherd's Reach   26. Here's A List
4. Always Running Away   27. Sewing Wind To Fabric
5. All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray   28. Chins
6. Good-Good Path   29. Finding
7. What Great Things...!   30. Oily
8. Leaving The Ninety-Nine   31. Ploughmen
9. Clothe Yourself Within Us   32. Buffet
10. You Call Yourself Our Shepherd (Reprise)   33. Pause
11. Got-Roof   34. When Overwhelmed With Dread
12. He's Not The Swindler We Are   35. Missing
13. Dear John (Original Version)   36. Winding
14. Was He Really Doubting?   37. Cut-Down
15. Couple Kings Close The Road On A Giant Parts 2-4   38. Got-It
16. Once, Twice, Seven Times A Werewolf   39. To Fill
17. Bees Are Trying To Build Their Nest In You   40. Loathed
18. Bees Baked A Loaf For Me (Or Flour From Flowers?)   41. Couple Kings Close The Road On A Giant Part 1
19. Who Brought These Up?   42. Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Why? Medley)
20. Isaiah 49   43. Ode To Team Pinecone
21. Never In Labor!   44. The * That Moved-Around The Night
22. We're Not Getting Well   45. Plant A Little Fir Tree
23. Took Your Tablets   46. Home For Christmas