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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-12-29
22 tunes of rip-roaring Punk Fuckin’ Rock from Yugoslavia (aka: the country that was once comprised: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro & Kosovo). Yugoslavia unlike Romania or Bulgaria were out of the main Soviet influence and decided to do state Socialism their own way (for better or worse).

The important thing here is this comp along with EVERY Bloodstains & Killed By Death” - comp shows you that Punk Rock was WAY MORE than America and the UK (or Western Europe for that matter). Never mind punk being “dead” in 1978 – it's plenty alive here. Language-wise I believe this are all sung in Serbo-Croatian with maybe some Slovenian from Pekinska Patka.

((((((((1))))))))) Fast & ripping with deep vocals and super catchy chorus that’ll stick in your head.
(((((((2))))))) Twangy fast & LA-style punk with very original vocal sound with an Oi! – like chorus.
(((((3))))) Bassy, poppy chorus-heavy tune. More great vocals & wailing guitars.
((((((4)))))) Great drums & riffing, extremely catchy vocals that fit perfectly with the bass tone. Punk 101 guitar tone.
(((((5)))))) More hard rockin’, mid-paced punk. Chorus sounds like something off 70’s hard rock like Rose Tattoo or even super early AC/DC crossed with football hooligan chants.
(((((6))))) Loose chords, speedy but super poppy with “ooo-wooo” backing. The Yugoslav Dickies? Fun!
(((((7)))))) Proper Keyboard Punk! Yesss! Weird tempo and shouted vocals & surfy guitars.
(((((8)))))) Fast as hell but tight, poppy & short.
(((((9))))) Fast and bassy, gnarly vocals with some neat backing/call & response parts.
(((((10))))) DK’s style speed but not totally Hardcore either. Slashing guitars? Sure but more melodic choruses.
((((((11)))))) Burly Street Punk/Oi! sound with a cool guitar sound.
(((((((12))))))) HUGE TOTAL PUNK sound with MASSIVE CHORUS and wailing chorus. Kinda Oi!, too.
((((((((13))))))) Revved up and totally infectous (SHOULD BE) CLASSIC PUNK RAWK from Slovenia area. Who care if it ain’t in English? Revoucija = Revolution! Simple ‘nuff.
(((((((((((14))))))))) Holy Sheeet! You DON’T know Punk Fuckin’ Rock ‘til you hear this! Satire of an old folk song that blasts off. “uno dos tres….” (!!)
(((((15))))) Mid-paced slightly new wavey (in the vocals anyway) punk with simple guitar but fantasic guitar parts.
(((((((16)))))) Very strong riffing and vocals. Easy to follow rockers from 1979.
((((((17)))))) Fast poppy as hell tune about “bread and games”. Maybe critical of the government?
((((((18)))))) Fast & catchy. Awesome guitar strums and vocal breaks and an odd piano break ‘ala Jerry Lee Lewis (!?)
((((((19))))))) Fast & wailin’ guitars with a lotta bass and some great vocals. Title = “Seventeen”.
(((((20))))) Loose, raw bu still very poppy, mid-paced r n’ r punk from ’79.
((((((((21))))))) Blazing fast (for 1980 anyway) with tons of stop/starts, bass and simple “naaa-naa-aaa” vocals.
(((((((22)))))) Driving, call & response vocals, some very wild & excellent guitar work.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Pekinska Patka Bolje Da Nosim Kraku Nosu
2. Pekinska Patka Ori Ori
3. Panktrti Lepi In Prazi
4. Paraf Moj Zivot Je Non Val
5. Prljavo Kazaliste Majka
6. Problemi Graz Izobilja
7. Termiti Vremenska Prognoza
8. Kuzle Smej Sei
9. Buldogi Vkoto Sveta
10. Indust Bag 100 Db
11. Lublanska Psi Tv (Ecerna Revoluija)
12. Penkinska Patka Bila Je Tako Lijepa
13. Paraf Visokotirazi Mir
14. Paraf T Kao Krava
15. Pankrti Kruha In Iger
16. Pankrti Jest Sem Na Liniji
17. Pankrti Sedemnajst
18. Prljavo Kazaliste Ja Sam Mladic U Najboljim Gedinama
19. Pekinska Patka Kratovidi Magarac
20. Penkinska Patka Kontraceptija