Corporate Whores, The / Swine Courage
Album: Swine Courage   Collection:General
Artist:Corporate Whores, The   Added:Feb 2010
Label:Disillusion Music  

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Album Review
Trainee Diego
Reviewed 2010-11-08
Corporate Whores – Swine Courage (Complete Box Set)

Discography collection of this cult unknown noisy punk band! This is as raw, fast, and noisy as this shit got in the early 80s! Essential for true punx. Sounds WAY ahead of its time: think Wretched, Confuse, Siege, Neos, SOB, only at the earlier end of the decade. Other songs are retardedly slow and dirge-y but still punk (think KBD stuff like The Frantix) but most noteworthy here is the infamous “Revenge of the Whores” demo. Lightning-fast pounding drums, fast and unintelligibly noisy guitar/bass along withstandard shouted hardcore vox, with the sloppiest possible execution. All songs demo or live, so pretty lo-fi sound all around. Try: CD1: 18-27

1. Spoken live intro, live noise 2. Just the bass being stupid 3. Short, fast, loud (and noisy) 4. Ibid. 5. Slow and moshy, then fast. 6. Slow noisy instrumental 7. Short, fast, loud 8. Slow rock riff, then hyper-fast punk again 9. Ibid. 10. Fast 11. Fast, no vox 12. MOSH 13. MOSH then fast 14. Mid-tempo 15. Guitar being stupid 16. Caveman punk 17. Ibid. 18. Ibid. 19. Fast and LO-FI AS FUCK 20. Fast, chaotic, angry. 21. Fast, chaotic, angry. 22. Mosh, then fast. 23. Rerecording of track 9. 24. Blistering and relentless. 25. Mosh intro, then fast hc punk. Terrible recording, terrible guitar sound, poor attempt at trying to play a bluesy midtempo song—then fast punk again! 26. Silly and mock-melodic ballad turns into fast punk, unintelligible because of shitty recording. 27. Mid-tempo rager, the band is probably really wasted. (Note: Disc 2 is a completely unnecessary part of this collection, basically a compilation of random fucking-around in the studio. Useless, retarded joke guitar instrumentals and other such bullshit. As this review is long enough, I will skip the track-by-track review of the second disc and I refuse to give a fuck.)

Reviewed by Diego Aguilar

Track Listing
1. Most Dangerous Band (Intro)   24. Robotman
2. Call Of The Lizard   25. Radio Cuba
3. Beheaded Mammals   26. I Wish I Was Dead
4. Hinkley's Brain   27. Leavin'
5. Clubfoot   28. Life Sucks!
6. Harmonic Regression   29. Leavin'
7. Somebody Died   30. We Will Build
8. I Wish I Was Dead   31. Guitar Hero
9. Boycott Israel   32. Food Riot
10. Robotman   33. We Drove Slow
11. Pink Elephant Dance   34. Festering Theme
12. Love Song   35. Glad I Do Drugs
13. Radio Cuba   36. Mudslide Vs Shark Attack
14. Le's Dance   37. Scream
15. New Wave Wednesday   38. The Crucifixion
16. My Submission   39. Leavin' (Lounge Version)
17. Leavin'   40. Baboon Song
18. The End   41. Corporate Buttfuck
19. Pink Elephant Dance Again   42. I'm Hungry
20. Beheaded Mammals   43. Ashtray Overflow
21. Hinkley's Brain   44. Fester Interludes
22. Clubfoot   45. Little Birdies
23. Boycott Israel   46. Ooze