Up-Tight & Kawabata, Makoto / Up-Tight & Kawabata, Makoto
Album: Up-Tight & Kawabata, Makoto   Collection:General
Artist:Up-Tight & Kawabata, Makoto   Added:Feb 2010
Label:Galactic Dust  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-02-13
Very epic, fuzzy out, sludgy, feedback worshipping heavy psych from Japan with the fantastic Up-Tight along side Mr. Acid Mother's Temple himself, Kawabata circa: 2005.

((((1)))) Hazy in the first half then fretboard tweakin' in the latter half but all together gone way out there.
(((2))) Insane shouting into space very noisy, improv-y pedal stomping heavy feedback madness. If you love all kinds of sonic fuckery this is for you.
((((3))))) Psychotropic waves & bursts of distortion fight for control of your mind...in bong-o-vision!
(((((4))))) Slow, woosy, wailing, to sludgy psych Distant to shouted Japanese vocals.
(((((((5))))))) Builds off the end of #4 but goes a bit faster & more structured than before. And really who needs "shred" guitarists when Kawabata & co. sound this great?
(((((6))))) Doomy to Heavvvvy Fuzzed Way Thee Fuck Out, Brain Scramblin' Psych Rumble in Overdrive.

Track Listing
1. Rainy Day Girl #12 & 35   4. Where Does She Go?
2. The S.C.R.E.A.M. (Walks With Munck)   5. Born To Fly
3. The Scat Singer At The Gate Of Midnight   6. Collapsing