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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-02-28
A collaboration between two solid artists—Masta Ace from New York and Edo G from Boston. The beats tend to use the same basic instruments (piano, synth, drum machine) or samples (old soul records) but each in different and exciting ways. All the lyrics are very intelligent and funny too. A lot of the songs revolve around similar themes: the current state of hip-hop, nostalgia for the “good ol days” or dissing new commercial jivey artists who have no reason to be on the airwaves. All of it is very good—with the exception being some of the reoccurring skits, which are good for a quick laugh, but can get annoying. Watch out for the FCCS—they’re only a few radio tracks.
FCC:1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,15,16,18 TRY: 4, 13

1. FCC (fuck) 1 minute intro track—dialogue about TV dinners
2. FCC (shit) Metaphor piled upon metaphor. This is a flaunting track about staying real in a corrupt industry. “Get your hands up” chorus. 8-bit electronic, twinkle piano, and drum machine on the beat.
3. FCC (shitty) Rap about living the life of a rapper—and sacrificing for the fans. Nice guest feature by Large Professor. Smooth synth beat—a relaxed old-school vibe.
4. Up in your face rap, bouncy upbeat synth lines, hard drums and banging piano. Marsha Ambrosius sings the chorus in her awesome British accent.
5. FCC (shit) Short, funny skit making fun of the New Boyz.
6. FCC (shit) Song making fun of all mainstream rappers who are “a little young” and don’t respect roots, etc. Awesome, really fun, pokes fun of everyone from Young Money to Lil Bow Wow.
7. FCC (motherfucker) Looped soul sample in the beat—funky, great stuff. Nostalgic lyrics about growing up just as hip-hop was taking off.
8. FCC (shit) Brief spoken word interlude about social conflicts.
9.FCC (shit) Track about the current state of hip-hop and what Masta Ace and Edo G are doing to keep it alive. Slow, airy background gradually grows into a slamming harsh beat.
10. Short 1-minute skit about fixing a power outage.
11. FCC (Shit) Slick well-produced if boisterous track featuring KRS-One. How could you go wrong? Also includes some nice scratching.
12. FCC (Shit) Track about how Edo-G and Masta Ace represent real hip-hop. Gritty lyrics. Nice mellow soul samples, piano and synth lines in the background.
13. Rap about going on a world tour and realizing the ever-reaching extent of their fame and popularity. Funky beat (like something Dam-Funk would string together).
14. 1-minute skit about chicken wings.
15. FCC (Motherfucker) Slow, bass-heavy. Gangsta lyrics. A nice shoutout to Big Pun.
16. FCC (Shit) Story about how they became signed artists and the numerous sacrifices it took to get where they are today. Praises independent record labels and slams on the majors. Nice scratching and beautiful female background vox.
17. Skit about a couple watching TV.
18. FCC (fuck) Very dancey beat…a pretty silly song about dancing at the club. What is this doing on the album? Is this a joke…I hope so.
19. Random dialogue from the recording of the album mixed with funny bloopers from the skits. In the background is the looped bass of track 18.

Track Listing
1. T.V. Night   10. Power Out
2. Hands High   11. Pass Teh Mic Feat. Krs -1
3. Fans Feat. Large Professor   12. Over There
4. A's E's Feat Marsha Abrosious   13. Round And Round Feat. Doitall
5. Rosci   14. Hot Wangs
6. Little Young   15. Ei8ht Is Enuff
7. Reminds Me   16. Here I Go
8. Black Ice Interlude   17. You Me & Some Snacks
9. Good Music Feat. Pos Of De La Soul   18. Dancing Like A W.G Feat. Chester French