Axemen / Scary Pt. Iii
Album: Scary Pt. Iii   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Axemen   Added:Mar 2010

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-03-22
Strange New Zealander lo-fi damage rawk with woozy, sometimes lazy vocals, occasional diversions into punk and spoken word bits mixed with rudimentary synths. These guys started back in 1981 as one part of many of the general NZ underground bands (Dead C, The Tall Dwarfs, The 3-Ds, et. al.). Plenty weird that you’re likely to hear on WFMU, KFJC and “Brownian Motion”. Not far from Royal Trux, Screamin’ Mee-Mees & Pussy Galore.

LP #1
(((1))) Weird, drunken, woozy and light keyboards & bass.
(((2))) Sort of fuzzy, sneaky vocals & shuffle tempo and some neat organ in the background.
((3)) Very rudimentary, goof-folk tune with some cough syrup-y & cartoon vocals.
(4) Annoying ass locked groove.
(((5))) Twisted and sort actually rockin’ mid-paced punky guitars and shouted vocals.
(((((1)))))) Great, fuzzy early 80’s punk from the vaults. Sounds like it was dredged up from a “Killed By Death" comp.
(((2))) Another locked groove but this is actually listenable and is a little loose than completely locked.
((((3)))) Lo-fi ruminations of electro-throb with horn-dog teenage angst.
((((4))))) (FCC fuckin’ sung twice) Shouty, loud & messy hardcore done up like a parody of Crass. Good one, tho’.
(((6))) Dramatic synths and spoken word between a guy & gal. Odd but slightly interesting.

(((1))) Hazy, noisy, super-fuzzy guitars melted over the “Da-da-da” beat (from early 80ties act, Trio).
(((2))) Loose folk guitar instrumental noodling.
((((3)))) Great & haunting keyboard sound with female spoken word parts.
((4)) Dumb minimal & lazy duet.
(5) Pointless noise twaddle.
(((1))) More damage rawk ‘ala Royal Trux & Big Stick. Some cool drum fills-but the riffs should be way louder. Great scream near the end tho’.
(((2))) Generic Velvet Underground-heroin rock o.d. Stay away from needles, kids.
(((3))) Later it goes all blurry, super-lo-fi electronic laziness & repetition – though the 2nd part gets a tad more interesting when play around with the 1982-era synths & effects.
(4) HORRIBLE lo-fi rock made by a junked out Eric Cartman.

Track Listing
1. Heart Bullet   10. Accusation Of Murder
2. Church Of The Loosely Brethren   11. Free World
3. 10 Miles (As The Crow Flies)   12. Intermission
4. That Must Be Hell   13. Sund Und Moon
5. Shacked Up In Yr Egypt Tomb   14. Beer Und Flintstones
6. Join The R.A.F.   15. The Wreck Of The Whistling Maree
7. You, You Cabinet   16. 2-Bit Star, The
8. The Virgin   17. Must Love Die?
9. Animals Have Rights, Too!   18. No Look Back
  19. Nasty Moonshine