Sunadha, Vadhya / Pravaham
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Artist:Sunadha, Vadhya   Added:Apr 2010

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Album Review
Kamla Bhatt
Reviewed 2010-12-08

Album: Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham (Instrumental)
Genre: South Indian traditional music

This is a beautiful compilation of Carnatic music, which is the South Indian traditional style of music. In Indian music there are 2 traditional styles: Hindustani (from North) and Carnatic (from South).

What is interesting about this album is the combination of violin (string), flute (wind) and veena (plucked) accompanied by 2 kinds of percussionists playing the mrudangam and ghatam. There are no vocals in this album.

Violinist Lalgudi Vijayalaksmi comes from a line of musicians in South India. Her father Lalguid Jayaraman came up with the idea of combining a string, wind and plucked instrument and she continues with that innovative tradition.
Mala Chandrasekhar is on the flute, Jaishree Jairaj is on the veena, K.Sivakumar is on the mrudangam and N. Guruprasad is on the ghatam.

If you have never heard South Indian classical music start with #6, #3 and #2.

Note: the way to read the is like this: Name of song, raaga, taalam and composer. For example: the first song will read like this: Vandhanam (song), Hamsadhwani (raaga), Kandachapu (taalam), and Anamachari (composer of the original song). Raaga roughly translates into musical mode and taalam roughly translates to rhythm.

1.This is a composition from a 15thc poet/musician. Vandhanam meaning “greetings” or “I salute you,” is typically played as the opening piece of a Carnatic concert. Nice, pleasant piece.

2. A famous “kirtana” composed by a 18th c poet and prolific composer Thyagaraja. Lovely piece.

3.This is a short pleasant piece and a good one to listen if you have never heard Carnatic music. Nice blend of flute, violin, veena and percussion. You will find yourself tapping your feet.

4.Long, soothing piece. Starts slow but around 3.30 settles into a nice melody. Muthuswami Dikshitar who lived during the Colonial rule of the British was influenced by the British marching bands and some of his compositions reflect that. However, this piece has no influence from the west.

5. Starts slow and stays that way until you hit 8:00 when it warms up and picks pace. The last couple of minutes consists of a delightful percussion riff between the ghatam and mrudangam.

6.Typically a “tillana” bookends a performance and this one is a short one. A tillana is typically used in dance performance therefore the tempo in this piece maybe a little faster when compared to other pieces.

Kamla Dec 6, 2010

Track Listing
1. Vandeham-Hamsadhwani-Kandachapu-Annamacharya   4. Govardhana-Hindolum-Pupakam-Muthuswamy Dikshitar
2. Endharo-Mahanubavluv-Sri-Adi-Thyagaraja   5. Nidhichala-Kalyani-Mirashapu-Thagaraja
3. Manavyala-Nalinakathi-Adi-Thyagaraja   6. Swathi Tirunul Thilana-Dhanasari-Adi