Japanther / Rock'n'roll Ice Cream
Album: Rock'n'roll Ice Cream   Collection:General
Artist:Japanther   Added:Apr 2010
Label:Menlo Park Recordings  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-05-01
Lo-fi garage / art punk, grainy vocals and more-fuzzy-than-noisy guitars and a silly/serious skaterboy sensibility. This is the music you wish you could have made with your next-door neighbours in, like, seventh grade. Even the vocals are... nasal and shouted. Reminds me of Bearsuit and Math the Band and other fun-as-fuck bands you’ve never heard of. Japanther are Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly -- whatever, there are totally chick vocals on this record (it’s Anita Sparrows of the Soviettes), and there’s all sorts of arty co-op collab going on, from the random digi samples to the strained “city at night” poetry spoken over and under. How the hell these kids found each other at the rhymes-with-brat Institute is probably none of my business either. (Read: hipsters of the world...) Though: What hey, they actually do use telephones as microphones. I have a witness.

try: 7, 1/10, 5, 3
FCC: 8, 9

**1. pure fun pop-punk. dueling boy/girl vocals. drums + fuzz guitar + what sounds like a toy keyboard. most definitely about moping over a girl.
2. bookended ridiculous voice-overs that belong in a gregg araki movie. in the middle: fast southern-culture-on-the-skids type vocal stylings. quick-hit drums and noise guitar. “i think you think we’re cool”.
*3. poppy, fuzzy, beach boys on blow ditty about girls, corporate america, and surfing. lots of ‘ahh’s. held-note chorus: “still alii-iii-iii-iii-iiive”. random jazzy outro. okay, kids.
4. begins & ends with digi samples. straight-ahead atonal verses with rushed lyric runs.
*5. fuzzy synth pop + airy shoegaze vocals. totally boppy & cool. i love when the sound randomly drops in and out.
6. starts with a pushy syncopated beat & spoken samples from... police academy 5?! at :45, cuts to a lazy sing-songy high school crush song. piano is involved.
**7. fucking genius! happy boppy fast-paced goodness. singalong chorus that sounds like splitskies between a 60s girl beach band and... j-pop?! vamps “what do what do i what do what do i do with you?” not like i first heard this on the left end or anything. as if.
8. FCC “shit” / “fuck” deep vocal groove, bitty synth bass, sparse instrumentation... and then it picks up and breaks open. overarch poetry near the end.
9. FCC “fuck” starts with a spoken sample. harder-edge deep grain fast punk and rapid vocals. “we don’t give a fuck what you write on the internet!” too bad about the FCC, this rocks.
*10. supa-stripped down acoustic female-vox version of the first track. starts soft/sweet, gets a tinge louder and snarly. high school heartbreak to the teeth.

Track Listing
1. She's The One   6. Not At War
2. L.A. Ura Mystery   7. Spread So Thin
3. Surfin' Coffin   8. Get Me Home
4. Life Is Strange   9. What The Fuck Is The Internet
5. $100 Dollar Remix   10. Alone In The Basement