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Artist:Feie   Added:May 2010

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Album Review
Yellow 5
Reviewed 2011-04-01
A very peaceful album. This album’s tracks blend together continuously. They feature melodic synth and pensive piano lines and consistently produce feelings of nostalgia, peace, and repose in a more traditional, techno-country like vein. It gives off the “folktronic” sound that the album claims, and is quite nice to relax to. The way it’s structured, this feels like an album that you would want to listen through from start to finish to take you through a dream.

1) (4:11) A sad, wandering piano solo (based on repetitive patterns and two chords) fades into synth sounds and into the next track. Feels lonely and apprehensive, although nothing particularly adventurous exists in this track. Sounds like the audio of a climactic, artistic part of a movie.
2) (4:51) Continuous in a similar vein as in the first track, but instead of being a piano, the song is now absent of “real” instruments and instead based around a chordal synth progression with subtle dissonances that slowly become more powerful as the track continues. It is backed by a more apparent rhythm from rhythmic glitching and clicking in the background. While it sounds very pretty, it does not develop into much beyond its start.
3) (4:05) Starts cleanly without significant overlapping with the previous track. A synthesis of nostalgic piano chords and a glitchy, IDM-like beat. Moves fairly quickly--this song has a decently quick pace compared to the rest of the album. Quite enjoyable.
4) (4:51) Starts with a piano line with a heavy, deep nosiy atmosphere; but then transitions into a reversed synth chordal melody without a much emptier soundstage that meanders for the last two minutes of the track. An interesting track, but doesn’t seem to have any strong direction to it.
5) * (6:32) Begins with an overbearing bass tone that drones for most of the song, and piano chords struggling to come out over the compression of the dominant bass tone, producing a kind of desperate atmosphere. Soon they merge together into harmony, and subtle, repetitive glitching offer a medium to fixate on and eventually forming the basis for rhythm and beat until dissolving into nothing but emotional, longing piano. Excellent track.
6) (9:57) Starts off playing with the first optimistic synth line in the album skipping around as if the CD is broken, but then overlaying a consistent synth melody to assure you that the effect is intentional. Ultimately, this sounds the most poppy of all the tracks, while not as impacting as any of ther other ones.
7) * (8:02) A somber and faster-paced synth chord progression forms the backbone of this track, and a jungly, idm beat drives it forward. Feels quite distressed, and has an excellent breakdown into a more hopeful feeling that slowly degrades into noise and static. Great ending to the album, and a very enjoyable track.

Track Listing
1. Fyr   4. Lsai
2. Sone   5. Sevn
3. Neir   6. Layr
  7. Feier