Husere Grav / Trtrkmmr / Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ]
Album: Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ]   Collection:Classical
Artist:Husere Grav / Trtrkmmr   Added:May 2010

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1. Aug 05, 2010: orangeasm
Husere Grav: Resurrection
4. Jul 01, 2010: orangeasm
Husere Grav: Antler Formations
2. Jul 22, 2010: orangeasm
Husere Grav: Shadow Ceremony
5. Jun 16, 2010: "In Your Ear ..." with Bug, not quite sure but we'll see.
Trtrkmmr: Imported Columbian Necktie, Trtrkmmr: Boneblack, Trtrkmmr: Lux Leti (Collaboration With H.G. Trtrkmmr Vocals And Lyrics)
3. Jul 10, 2010: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Nict, Nein, Nei, Nyet, No
Husere Grav: Shadow Ceremony
6. Jun 12, 2010: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Apparition in Doomlord's Window
Husere Grav: Lunar Feast, Husere Grav: Shadow Ceremony

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-06-04

Split between Husere Grav and trtrkmmr. Husere Grav dish up heavy, opressive, shadowy dark ambience, murk, and soundscapes of the highest calibre. trtrkmmr blast out your ears with fuzz and demonic shrieks.A killer split of bleakness, decay, and dismay. You might need a helmet and a sober monitor to listen to this.

1- mmmmmmm paranoia… menacing torture chamber eerie tritonedrone

2- fuzzed out menacing speaker overblown guitar noise mountain covered i shadowy muck and pondscum

3- some sort of satanic spacelord's dragonbest chamber pot worship

4- meanfuzzbass w/ growl. soundtrack that precludes the cannibalization of your travel companions

5- heavy metallic industrial claustrophobia entitled "dead sister"

6- a sonic vacuum that no light and happiness shall enter, going to crawl out of my grave buried alive to this

7- top notch downer folk guitar noise ballad, heartbreaking, gorgeous. great contrast to the track before it. what!? vocals!

8- rising blisswall, an inescapable burning static wall. gorgeous. sounds exactly like sujo.

9- collaboration track btw husere grav & trtrkmmr. hard wall of industrial static, ghostwhispers, indiscernible pounding. for your hawaiin vacation.

10- collaboration track btw husere grav & trtrkmmr. top grindcore/sludge noise epic thats a braindrill and head pounder. heavier than lead. totally evil powernoise.

11- (tracks from here down are by trtrkmmr) killer plodding sludgemarch, with buzzsaw of guitar static & demon wails

12- nails on chalkboard pitched screech. they should have been nicer to these guys in junior high.

13- wtf? a beat? no, its a freakishly fast hornets nest of digital hardcore & static splatter

14- killer powerchords & massive fuzz overdose. the king of turdistans skatepark jam.

15- oh yeah, total static tornado for slimer. die ghostbusters!

16-pretty cool beat & the nasty edge youve come to expect

17-starts off only with a power saw in your ear, but the thumping builds, and i might need a helmet the next time i hear this track album

Track Listing
1. Husere Grav: It Came From Within   9. Husere Grav: Burning Pictures (Collaboration With Trtrkmmr)
2. Husere Grav: Shadow Ceremony   10. Trtrkmmr: Lux Leti (Collaboration With H.G. Trtrkmmr Vocals And Lyrics)
3. Husere Grav: Sacred Beast   11. Trtrkmmr: Boneblack
4. Husere Grav: Lunar Feast   12. Trtrkmmr: Imported Columbian Necktie
5. Husere Grav: Dead Sister   13. Trtrkmmr: Gutzipper
6. Husere Grav: Resurrection   14. Trtrkmmr: The Hammer Of Pestilence
7. Husere Grav: Antler Formations   15. Trtrkmmr: Torsades De Pointes
8. Husere Grav: Egregore   16. Trtrkmmr: Torpid Yet Sentient
  17. Trtrkmmr: The Loved Dead