This Motor Oil / Rather Panic
Album: Rather Panic   Collection:General
Artist:This Motor Oil   Added:Jun 2010
Label:United Deviations Music Recordings  

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Rather Panic
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Album Review
Doc Rock
Reviewed 2011-03-29
They’re ambitious, I’ll give em that. This album is varied but always strange. Songs tend to have themes already pioneered by Devo, and a lot of the simplicity of lyrics. Many songs include 8-bit beats and riffs, but not all. I really wish the singer had a better voice… maybe that’s on purpose but if so it’s lost on me. It sounds like your cousin singing along to Reba in the car. No FCC concerns.
Try 1,2,8,10,11,13, especially 1,8,13

1. **My, this is a groovin riff! I’m torn up on the insides about this one though because the vocals hurt my brain. Lyrics and music like a Devo that can’t sing.
2. *Likeable deep synth intro. I don’t know what this vocal effect is but it kicks major ass. Guitar parts in this song make me happy.
3. A continuation of the last song, but now rather atonal.
4. Hooray for these 8-bit intros! Introduction of other elements makes for a pleasant, if novice, piece.
5. Industrial and dance in a conceptual blender with a lot of strange noises.
6. Cookie Monster yelling over powerful drum beat and rap/R&B synth.
7. This electronic groove tries to be a lot cooler than it actually ends up. IMHO, at least.
8. **Verses are failures in prog, but the chorus is pretty likeable! Damn these vocals though… I think there’s something wrong with the CD at the end of this track, so it ends abruptly at 3:34
9. A pretty cool and reverby drum beat but the bassline grows old, and the deliberate atonality of the guitar makes me sad.
10. *The disjoint videogame synths, which make up the song, are really cool but may confuse your listeners for the first 30 seconds. So do it.
11. *The title is apt. The reverb and delay filled guitars over a simple, staccato electronic drum beat please me tremendously. The later introduction of wandering dischordant synths is a questionable choice but the only thing keeping the song from being the same throughout. Not bad overall.
12. Creepy little girl over alarming synths… WHOA. “It’s like sex with a demon baby,” said a listener.
13. **Forever alone. The song that played in your post-traumatic nightmares about prom. Touching, but it’s a creepy old man touching you.

Doc Rock

Track Listing
1. Rather Panic   7. Lc-B77
2. Maybe I'm Ugly   8. Lonesome Cowboy Blues
3. Epistophy   9. Integers (Electric Guitar Version)
4. Building A New Utopia   10. Fractions Sid
5. Mech Girl Cutenizer   11. Link Wray Memorial Funeral March
6. Shellfish Beach   12. Find The Button (That Turns On The Power Ballad)
  13. Why Don't You Want Me?