Various Artists / Gamelan Of Central Java Xii: Pangkur One
Album: Gamelan Of Central Java Xii: Pangkur One   Collection:World
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Album Reviews
Kamla Bhatt
Reviewed 2011-03-18
Gamelan of Central Java XIII Pangukur Two

There is a certain serene & beautiful element in this collection of traditional Javanese music.This CD represent a “chamber version” of Gamelan muscic. You might have heard Gamelan musi if you watched an Indonesian puppet performance or maybe a video game or TV shows like Battleship Galatica?

This music collection alternate between short, unsung poetry pieces to long, evolved singing to the accompaniment of instruments. Overall,the tracks are meant for slow & unhurried listening.

Try 2, 5, 7,

1. Unsung poetry.Short. Grave & quiet sounding.
2. Long. What stands out in this piece are the sounds of the musical accompaniment that blend in beautifully & support the singers.
3. The focus here is on the female singer’s style of singing, whose voice effortlessly moves up and down the musical scale.
4. Male & female singing to the accompaniment of gamelan ensemble.There is a lilting & mesmerizing element to the musical instruments.
5. Short piece. Almost like a calling of prayer. No musical accompaniment.
6. Starts slow & stays that way. Male & female singers that showcases their vocal dexterity.
7. Slow, unadorned piece of unsung poetry.
8. Really slow & unhurried melody that forces you to slow down & listen.
9. Yet another unhurried piece of unsung poetry by a male & female.
10. Slow & evolved piece of singing by both the male & singers.Pace picks
a bit towards the end,but it is still slow.

Kamla March 17, 2011
Reviewed 2011-03-06
Felmay, 2010

INDONESIA – Continuing Felmay’s remarkable exploration of the myriad types of Javanese gamelan music, this CD (and Vol. XIII) look at how a single piece can be performed in many different ways while remaining within the tradition. “Pangkur” is a well-known work of sung poetry in the ladrang genre especially noted for its flexibility: each version sounds completely different. The liner notes explain further and give a complete rundown. I love the singers in 1 & 4, love the ensemble in 2, 3 & 4.

Fo’s Picks: 3, 4 … 1 if you have the time

1. 25:03 – delicate gongs and lively drums support soaring fem vocal & a playful male chorus, tempo changes constantly from slow to speedy and back. The middle portion has many abrupt pauses and solo vocal moments, but the final ten minutes have a fine, almost mystical flow.

2. 15:27 – Strong ensemble patterns take the foreground; the vocals are more brittle than #1; mostly uptempo but with some drags and pauses like #1

3. 11:54 – Smaller group with no chorus: Beautiful ensemble drumming and creaky strings fit singer very well; probably the most approachable track

4. 15:48 – features different lyrics than the other tracks: lilting chorus prances over dreamlike ensemble for a truly wondrous sound; open center section

[ Fo ] 03/06/11

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Gerong & Ensemble I.S.I. Surakarta Ladrang Pangkur In Slendro Manyura (1)
2. Ensemble Karawitan Raras Raos Irama Ladrang Pangkur In Slendro Manyura (2)
3. Ensemble I.S.I. Surakarta Ladrang Pangkur In Slendro Sanga
4. Gerong & Ensemble I.S.I. Surakarta Ladrang Pangkur In Pelog Barang