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Album: Perch Patchwork   Collection:General
Artist:Maps & Atlases   Added:Jul 2010
Label:Barsuk Records  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-11-05
Quirky cool supa-produced indie/folk rock/pop. Crisp, clear, clean. All songs upbeat and cheerful. See: Penguin picnic with Mary Poppins. Wailing off-kilter Kings of Leon meets Cee Lo Green meets Bruce Hornsby vox, freeform time signatures and minimal funky technically impressive kitchen sink instrumentation (Peter and the Wolf, what hey). Magnetic Fields plus Born Ruffians plus The Unicorns. A bit of Daniel Johnston in there. This isn’t really a record comprised of “songs” -- it’s mathy in that way. Pleasantness abounds. Anyway, I like this a lot.

try: 1, 8, 11, 6, 12
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*1. opens sloppily... on purpose. lyricless vocal exercise over tight, sparse guitar and crashy drums. not tuneless, but lacking song structure. clap your hands say yeah style ‘ooh’s. fades into...
2. watch out, magnetic fields! bassy voice breaks into bash-out drums and jungle noise, some ambient bizz-nezz. “i don’t think there is a sound that i hate more than the sound of your voice.”
3. rocky, quirky, fuzzy, sticky, mid-fast. hand-drums and quick guitar work.
4. polite, slow, storytelling. funky flute, clappers. rollicky. kinda bruce hornsby.
5. slightly reverby picked guitar and heavy sweeping ambient background. fade out or prepare for an abrupt stop.
*6. beamy bright bellsy electric melody under “oooh...ah!”s. sweet, pleasant, open-meadows sound. passes for a modest indie hit.
7. immediate vox. a neat jumble of what sounds like flute, clarinet, bassoon... upbeat, cheery, sticky drums and busy instrumentation. cute and cheeky.
*8. quirky bells & hi-guitar intro. a super-chill loose tumble-down riff. it’s math rock on a xylophone.
9. slick keyboard-speed plucked guitar. midway, picks up into a cute-as-shit jazzy steel drum / vibes situation. “you were the proudest thing i’d ever seen.” FALSE ENDING ~6 sec to end.
10. busy, uptempo/fast. kinda rocky riff. sounds quite a bit like casper & the cookies.
*11. mid-slow, lazy/cool sailboat vibe. toy bells. winning, wistful background music for a midday nap. some ‘artful’ tape hiss. instrumental.
*12. adorable light touch willy wonka waltz with violin + flute + clarinet. pleasant, perky verses and a creamy, pretty chorus. ends with a steadily building two-minute vamp. the vocal layering is very well done.

Track Listing
1. Will   7. Banished Be Cavalier
2. The Charm   8. Carrying The Wet Wood
3. Living Decorations   9. Pigeon
4. Solid Ground   10. If This Is
5. Is   11. Was
6. Israeli Caves   12. Perch Patchwork