Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio / Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio
Album: Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio   Collection:General
Artist:Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio   Added:Sep 2010
Label:Conrad Sound  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2011-08-30
Norse noise. A six-person “trio” comprised of Norwegians in San Francisco. There are two guitarists, two string bassists and two drummers. Sometimes very subtle, reserved, ambient noise—like a ghost in the attic; other times rather chaotic like frogs or even chimps invaded the jam room. Instrumental, experimental. Remotely jazzy.

Best tracks: 03, 08

01 V1 (3:55): starts quietly; mild amp noise (later feedback), string bass bow fumbles, drum thump, a bell
02 H1 (2:48): string bass, mild whiny feedback, sizzling percussion
03 V2 (4:23): starts quietly, almost a jazz beat, string bass fumbles, guitar string noise; gets chaotic, then settles down
04 V3 (3:20): mild, but hyper-steady percussion w/ string bass; moaning guitar after about a min, which seems to upset everything very much: results in sporadic cymbal crashes, etc.
05 H2 (2:11): cellophane being unwrapped
06 H3 (4:10): someone vacuuming upstairs while an alarm clock is ringing…and, oh, maybe a UFO hovers outside
07 V/H1 (3:12): a frog on a snare, a goose, handfuls of utensils
08 V/H2 (4:03): boomy bass, spastic/clunky percussion (cymbals, woodblocks), minor guitar feedback & other wonkiness
09 V4 (3:51): clockworks gone haywire; hot guitar feedback at 2 mins
10 H4 (3:34): crunchy noises, zipper-like noises, a bouncing ball on a snare, a 5-year-old bowing a bass, a mechanical man, a bell
11 V5 (9:38): very quiet w/ an odd noise now & again accompanied by bells, tom-tom, skronky guitar, mild feedback, scratchy noises, crunchy noises, later cymbals…really too quiet for radio

Track Listing
1. V1   6. H3
2. H1   7. V/H1
3. V2   8. V/H2
4. V3   9. V4
5. H2   10. H4
  11. V5