Haack, Bruce / Farad: The Electric Voice
Album: Farad: The Electric Voice   Collection:General
Artist:Haack, Bruce   Added:Oct 2010
Label:Stones Throw Records  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2011-03-22
Bruce Haack-- pioneering electronic musician, also weird composer of children's music about robots. (Seriously, check out "Hush Little Robot" in the library-- AMAZING.)

This is a bit odd of a concept for a Bruce Haack retrospective-- calling him the father of the vocoder, it's only music that features vocoding (or a close imitation.) Hmmm-- kinda arbitrary, but if gets Bruce Haack into the A-file, no complaints here.

It's the intersection of Walter/Wendy Carlos and Burl Ives-- this is freaking weird and incredible stuff. Every song bristles with incredible and unique production.

No FCCs.

PLAY: It's all worthwhile, though it divides easily into weird sugary pop and dirgey '60s bummers. I think the weird sugary pop is a million times more rewarding. (Read descriptions for details.)

Oh, and-- play TRACK ONE. Your life will immediately explode into anachronistic, tin-pan-alley meets robotic ecstasy.

1. ******* YES. PLAY THIS. PLAY THIS. PLAY THIS. Tin-pan alley razzle-dazzle sung by a robot, with ROBOT SCAT-SINGING. This is among my favorite two minutes of music ever. YES. (1:49)
2. Hippieish chanting (human) with jew harp background, and ultra-fuzzed out memory of an organ. (3:13)
3. Dirgey ballad with human voice, with vocoder voice as faint backing vocal. (2:38)
4. ***** Saccharine ultra-perky tune, with a HAL-like weird creep factor, as robot sings along. (3:24)
5. * Telstar-like romantic robotic ballad. (4:45)
6. ** Asymptotically approaching Rick James skanky funk, (as sung by a robot), but all perky and ray guns and zapping all over the place.(3:53)
7. Sounds like an "Outer Limits" backing. Fake theremin, and robot does main vocals. (5:47)
8. Just a short narration track, with massive distortion. (0:36)
9. Affectless, "Lady Godiva's Operation"-esque ballad. But by a robot. (3:58)
10. Another creepy robot dirge. (4:16)
11. Crunchy, sinister-sounding robot vocals. Unpleasant and scary. (1:51)
12. * Super Mario backbeat, perky subdued robot vocals. (3:21)
13. Sunny loungey whirring electric background, leisurely and odd. (5:00)
14. "Program me"! Weird, only vaguely melodic, robot whining. (4:02)
15. Similar (4:27)
16. Slightly unfortunate disco backbeat, but the robot vocals transcend it. Then an interview, which should be skipped. (8:38)

-Hervey Okkles

Track Listing
1. Electric To Me Turn   9. Ancient Mariner
2. Incantation   10. Stand Up Lazarus
3. National Anthem To The Moon   11. Noon Day Sun
4. Maybe This Song   12. Lie Back
5. Rain Of Earth   13. Snow Job
6. Rita   14. Program Me
7. Man Kind   15. The King
8. Epilogue   16. Party Machine