Maus Haus / Lark Marvels
Album: Lark Marvels   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Maus Haus   Added:Nov 2010
Label:Pretty Blue Presents  

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Week Ending: Apr 24
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1. Aug 23, 2011: Hello (Again) World
Radio Dials Die
3. Dec 04, 2010: Scatterbrain Radio
Million Volt Lights, Stereo Ghosts
Dead Keys Drop

Album Review
Doc Rock
Reviewed 2011-03-29
Such variation in style, not only within the album, but within each song. As the album progresses, each song tries to do more and more, and it tends to succeed. Mysterious and cool indie electronic rock grooves but by no means are these danceable. Only an examination of each track can give you any sort of idea what to find on this album. FCC on 2, Try 4,5, and 11.

1. Unusual tempo, some 8-bit sounds here and there, then change of pace to chill. I like it.
2. FCC Beginning reminds me of Frank Zappa’s jazz… goes into tamed and domesticated rap, dischordant often but in a way that works.
3. Can’t get enough of this synth over Strokesy guitar and vocals. Then becomes more atmospheric.
4. **We return to more (organized) sonic chaos followed by airy vocals and bright melodies. This track gets cute often. There is so much to love about this one.
5. *This song sounds like it’s on a mission. Distorted vocals and 8-bit synth are nice touches here. Excellent bridge and return.
6. What if MGMT got really high and tried to do dubstep, but then turned it into something completely different and added droning horns?
7. Circusy tones and DIY percussion. Organs join. Pretty cool song, and short, too.
8. This song has very “cool” sound to it. Gains simplicity around the middle then adds some horns, both real and Casio-generated. Cool little broken down bridge.
9. So much happens over the span of this song. Some parts remind me of tripping Beatles, some parts are just cool synth runs, some parts are beat showcases. Main staccato riff is cool enough.
10. Micro-track. Somebody just got their first synthesizer at age 12 and wrote a song for their parents.
11. **Bassline is spooky and cool. Abrupt change of pace to something more major, then transition to really cool synth run followed by cellphone noises and other instruments. Abrupt ending.
12. The return of random. It has a center, I think, but there are a lot of dischordant ideas trying to work themselves out here. The ending of bells and horns leaves me satisfied.

Doc Rock

Track Listing
1. Rigid Breakfast   7. Cold In August
2. Secret Deals   8. Tumbling
3. We Used Technology (But Technology Let Us Down)   9. Conversational French
4. Radio Dials Die   10. Stereo Ghosts
5. Reaction   11. Dead Keys Drop
6. Irregular Hearts   12. Million Volt Lights