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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2010
Label:Workerbee Records  

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1. Sep 08, 2014: Buford J. Sharkley Presents: As Told to Hervey Okkles
4. Jan 30, 2011: The Donner Party
Hungry, 123456, Let Heaven Know
2. Mar 22, 2011: meow
Don’T Ask Me Why (Early 4-Track Demo Version)
5. Jan 26, 2011: 3-way
Let Heaven Know
3. Mar 20, 2011: Hangtime
If You Love Me (Let Me Go)
6. Jan 18, 2011: meow
Let Heaven Know

Album Review
Reviewed 2010-12-04
A compilation of EXCELLENT garage rock and indiepop songs put out by the Iowa-based Workerbee Records. Lots of variety and tons of great unknown bands to choose from. Limited pressing. What a well-hidden gem. FCC: 4, 17

*1. Great garage-rock with lo-fi aesthetics, lots of backup vocals and a nice cheery keyboard.
2. Lo-fi girl group fuzz-punk that sounds like the Vivian Girls of the Dum Dum Girls.
3. Quiet, muffled guitars and raspy male vocals. Would be a perfect soundtrack for a punk truck stop.
4. FCC (shit) A goofy text-to-speech intro leads into messy lighthearted punk.
5. Slow and angsty with some serious vocal reverb. Ends in a lot of streaking.
6. Intricately layered indie rock with lots of percussion. Really deep deadpan vocals.
*7. Loud, fast garage pop with male/female vocals.
*8. Awesome sunny dreampop with lots of shoegaze influence.
*9. Indie-rock with strummy acoustic guitars and a great backing organ. Great electric guitar riffs and tons of effects.
*10. Great female-vocals indiepop with lyrics in English/Japanese.
*11. If Broken Social Scene were to record a song 1:06 long, this is what it would sound like.
12. Lighthearted chanty punk.
13. Mediocre indie. Good guitar, but not the best vocals.
14. Scratchy lo-fi vocals and fuzzy guitars. Fast and with lots of energy, but centers on a cheesy love theme.
15. Lo-fi garage rock with emotion-drenched lyrics and simple but loud powerchords.
16. FCC (fuck) LOUD, PUNISHING thrash punk with female delivery.
17. Lackluster Muse type stuff.
*18. Balls-to-the-wall punk oozing with energy and testosterone. Killer!
19. Generic low-fi. It takes a while to build up. Hella feedback.
20. Uptempo, lively punk about looking for “sometin’ to do”
21. Slightly odd female-vocals pop song. Main chorus: “That’s when you wiggle! Like a worm!” Uh wut?
22. Punk rock. Someone’s cheating on their significant other! Hell no!
23. Messy rock song about someone who thinks they’re changing. It turns out they’re only shedding their skin. Crisis averted.
24. 4-minute instrumental composition with layered acoustic strumming, lots of slide guitar.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Lil Daggers Hungry
2. Puffy Shoes Lazy Seventeen
3. Murder Mystery Kremlin
4. Crappy Dracula Secrets Of The Powerful Textbook Lobby
5. Brown Ghosts Silver Hands
6. Ex-Boogeymen , The If You Love Me (Let Me Go)
7. Magic Words, The Don?T Ask Me Why (Early 4-Track Demo Version)
8. Death Valley Sleepers Let Heaven Know
9. Thunder Bunny Lollipop
10. No Cars 123456
11. Super Vacations, The Moss
12. Monkey V. Robot You Can?T Help Me
13. Pageants Crushin? Diamonds With Her Teeth
14. (The) Snot Rags Daydream
15. Ornitheologian, The Your Kisses Are Going To Waste
16. Vignettes, The Comic Book Heroes
17. Slow Human Escape We Belong To Satan
18. Wild Zeros I Want You
19. Japanese-Lovers, The Happy Now
20. Pneumonias, The Somethin? To Do
21. Two Tears Wiggle Like A Worm
22. Thee Fine Lines I?Ve Got My Eye On You
23. Waylon Thornton And The Heavy Hands Sheddin? My Skin
24. Velma And The Happy Campers Parking Lot #3 Aka The Parkinglot Is Doomed