Various Artists / Friends And Friends Of Friends Vol.3
Album: Friends And Friends Of Friends Vol.3   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2010
Label:Tender Loving Empire  

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1. Mar 17, 2012: Feral Pop Frenzy
2. Jan 10, 2012: Madame Psychosis
Paper Diamonds

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Boy Eats Drum Machine Lolo Forest
2. Y La Bamba Juniper
3. Nick Jaina Strawberry Man
4. Typhoon White Liars
5. And And You Can't Hide
6. Dirty Mittens Arcadia
7. Blue Horns Horse Legs
8. Loch Lomond Ghost Of An Earthworm
9. Wampire Magic Light
10. World's Greatest Ghosts Mazes And Monsters
11. Monarques Oh No
12. Pancake Breakfast ¬°Hoot Hot Damn! I Got A Job At Work
13. Gratitillium Animal Love
14. Skip Roxy Still Beating Heart
15. May Ling Best Friend
16. Yeah Great Fine Don't Wake Up
17. Run On Sentence In The Woods
18. Brainstorm Split The Lark
19. Hosannas Opposite People
20. Super Xx Man Desolation Yellow
21. Jared Mees And The Grown Children Cockleburrs + Hay (2010 Redux)
22. Ocean Age Hopscotch
23. Aan Wet And Dripping
24. Denoument, The Lie Flat
25. Finn Riggins Dali
26. Nazcar Nation Monolith Prep
27. Clara Clara One On One
28. Social Studies Time Bandit
29. Elba Diplodocus
30. Yarn Owl Bicycle
31. Ash Reiter Paper Diamonds
32. Olin & The Moon Waking Up
33. Rooftops, The Raft Easily
34. Appomattox Rendition Of You
35. On The Tundra Analog Bobcat
36. Love Language, The Graycourt
37. Boomsnake Sticks And Stones And Animal Bones
38. Sleepy Seeds Even Tho
39. French Semester The Large Bouquet
40. Le Fleur Bulb
41. Silent Comedy, The '49
42. Tartufi Fear Of Tall Giraffes Fear Of Some Birds