Lickets, The / Eidolons
Album: Eidolons   Collection:General
Artist:Lickets, The   Added:Dec 2010
Label:International Corporation  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jan 11, 2012: razor's edge
Boop (Live)
4. May 24, 2011: meow
They Are Everywhere
2. Oct 20, 2011: razor's edge
Doctor Office
5. May 06, 2011: gilt
Forest Temple
3. Jun 29, 2011: bricolage
Doctor Office
6. May 05, 2011: Lost Verses
Boop (Live)

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2010-12-22
Local experimentalists who use organic instruments, strings, pump organ, flute, tamboura, looped, sampled. A lot of eastern’isms are inherent in such a thing if only because the original/ultimate drone instrument is the Indian tamboura and all stringed things smack of it when droned. Plenty of it here along with a dominant use of flute. Otherwise it cant help but ring of hippie trippy gothy renaissance folky weirdness like Current 93 without vocals. Will surely scratch your drone psyche stoned without drugs itch.

Part 1.
1) very brief tone
2) folky psychey trippy, sitar and guitars, Fairport Convention meets Ravi Shankar
3) shorter kinda out of tune noodling
4) noisey percussive, like recent Daniel Menche, layers of an avalanche of stones
5) a lovely beautiful looped dreamlike flute dominated sequence
6) slight Tomita, old school synth poppy space music
7) old school space music with retro synth/computer music feel
8) darker, intense noisier hypnofeel, overdriven aspects and feedback
9) dreamy droney looping
10) louder, more in your face looping
11) brief, bell-like
12) trippiness, droning
13) very similar to previous, guitar, organic
14) trippiness, less organic, sounds like being trapped in an aviary from heaven/hell
15) shorter, flute based
16) long, epic, the long form psyche, drone that you ordered, sir

Part 2.
1) very brief tone
2) brief flute meander
3) folky looped with vocals, like a traditional celtic song where everyone has eaten ergot infected bread
4) really nice, droney yet melodic, lovely yet weird
5) loopy hypnotic, use of tamboura/drone works well, plodding beat, feel
6) tamboura drone, spacey
7) flutes dominate, musical, pretty
8) spacey strummy, some vocs
9) looped simple flute theme with guitars, trippy and perfect
10) somewhat brief, flutisms
11) the renaissance folk unfolds
12) brief again, amalgam that includes pump organ
13) brief again, dark tone
14) layered with 70’s styled space electronics, backwards masking, more complex and interesting
15) brief
16) pretty, with guitar, synth tones
17) a beautiful drone, strings flutes and layers, recorded live, just sublime
18) guitar dominated, almost a folky song, flute

Track Listing
1. Grey Transitional Screen   18. Server Room Woman
2. Flying Lake   19. Conservatory
3. Woman Smoking   20. On The Roof
4. Bunch Of Buildings   21. Butter
5. Whisking Flour In A Pan   22. Mystic Islands In The Trees
6. Pan Ants   23. Under Bridge
7. Apartments   24. Radio And Guitar
8. Cut Fruit Oil Shaving   25. Rolling Dough
9. Freeway   26. Traffic Towards
10. Rainbow Fields   27. Cityscape
11. The Way North   28. Redevelopment Plan
12. Technicolor Couple Eagle Shirt   29. Retail
13. Bacon At Sink   30. Video
14. They Are Everywhere   31. Rocks
15. Above Apartments   32. Tiny Hands
16. Forest Temple   33. Boop (Live)
17. Gray Transitional Screen   34. Doctor Office