Boxx, Igor / Breslau
Album: Breslau   Collection:General
Artist:Boxx, Igor   Added:Feb 2011
Label:Ninja Tune  

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1. May 31, 2011: broken flowers
Last Party In Breslau
4. Apr 19, 2011: broken flowers
2. Apr 28, 2011: Lost Verses
5. Apr 14, 2011: meowgasm
3. Apr 24, 2011: lost and found

Album Review
Reviewed 2011-03-29
Ever wonder what the communist occupation of Poland sounds like? Light up a cigarette, order a side car, and then realize "fuck" I am in communist fucking Poland. An exploration in percussion.

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Reviewed by N&N.

1. Dreary, choir vox.
2. * Uptempo, ride symbol, traveling chirp, drum medley (2:15 lady in babushka yelling at you), dissonant with faux ending.
3. Chase scene in horror movie, here comes Stalin and his ruthless commis, dark pink floydian influence, skewed marching cadence
4. Jazzy dance beats, ethereal overtones
5. * Snappy percussions, cow bells, mind bending, dark intense, emotive, fog horns, false ending ~2:53 then it gets darker and then goes off on a tangent in percussion
6. Soft intro into an agitated march, the darkness is here
7. A psychedelic escape, reverberations on a theme, like a video game on acid
8. Creepy violin, an experimental romp, the voice of Sauron surrounds you from the dark recesses of your mind.
9. * Traditional jazz drugs under horns of a Siren.
10. Gong, drums. Melody led with an acoustic guitar. Longing female vox.
11. Erie. Communist Poland is starting to freak me out. Tweets and twitters. Elements of drone with electronic down beats.
12. *** Poppy, not like anything else. Melodic pretty vox juxtaposed against poppy dark rhythms. Mechanic discordant finale.
13. * Salsa. Fresca. Negros.
14. Dramatic horn, nailing the down fall of the communist reign. An upbeat Polish waltz. If the Godfather was made in Poland, this would be the theme song.

Track Listing
1. Breslau   8. Execution 9
2. Alarm   9. Last Party In Breslau
3. Festung   10. Bunker Sweetheart
4. Fear Of A Red Planet   11. Nightwatch
5. Russian Percussion   12. Tank
6. In Flames   13. Goliath
7. Street Fighting   14. Downfall