Ancient Astronauts / Into Bass And Time
Album: Into Bass And Time   Collection:General
Artist:Ancient Astronauts   Added:Feb 2011
Label:Esl Music  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2011-02-25
Ancient Astronauts – Into Bass and Time
Reviewed by Sadie O., 2/25/11
Funky old-school-meets-new-style Hip Hop by a production duo from Cologne, Germany. (I thought they were outa the Bay, given their guest list, but it’s a small world, eh?) Big funky beats (did I mention funky?) merged with sound collages, electronics and big screen musical sounds, and some “world” sources. Interesting and cerebral – but still funky!
Kinda mellows out and gets less interesting for last half few tracks.
FCCs on 3 (sheesh, Azeem…)
1. 1:50 *ponderous cinematic chords, sci-fi announcement, then midtempo funky groove, spoken word collage.
2. 3:49 ***pretty chimes – a bit Pink Floydy – but not for long. Funky beat, aggressive but relaxed. Snippets of Hip Hop vocals, cinematic strings.
3. 3:47 (multiple FCCs) **big chords, then very clear and forceful chat from Azeem.
4. 2:00 **groovy midtempo beat with almost a spaghetti western feel to the chorus.
5. 5:02 ****cool swingy, sort of Caribbean/Highlife percussion, way funky beat.
6. 4:01 ****lovely funky midtempo groove, vocals by Raashan Ahmad.
7. 4:05 **melancholy strings, but a solid beat.
8. 3:56 ***the sun appears to be coming out after the rain. 4/4 strings, solid guest rap.
9. 3:28 ****sound collage intro, very exotic sounding strings, sort of anxious (yet somehow relaxed) vibe, but really cool – some sounds like sitar.
10. 3:33 ***slow and BIG. Almost like early Gorillaz.
11. 4:51 ***dancehall, but of the new Euro style. And that’s fine!
12. 3:49 **sound collage, slow and definitely with a hint of robotitude. Goes through phases, in many senses.
13. 3:34 **kinda stoned female spoken word, mellow and smoky.
14. 5:25 **burpy electronics, slow and quite melancholy strings, pretty female singing. Bitter and hypnotic, yep.
15. 3:53 **slow and relaxed, but not unhappy, just pretty. Chimes and unidentifiable voices, and even a bit of harmonica…

Track Listing
1. Bass And Time   8. Eternal Searching (Featuring W. Ellington Felton)
2. Still A Soldier   9. Peace In The East (Featuring Entropik)
3. The Shining (Featuring Azeem)   10. Calvert Street Rock
4. Impossible   11. Give It To You (Featuring Monsoon)
5. Anti Pop Song   12. Rocket Science
6. Don't Stop (Featuring Raashan Ahmad)   13. Last Night (Featuring Akua Naru)
7. Worldwide   14. Bitter Hypnotic (Featuring Phat Old Mamas)
  15. Nocturne