Stampfel, Peter & The Worm All-Stars / A Sure Sign Of Something
Album: A Sure Sign Of Something   Collection:General
Artist:Stampfel, Peter & The Worm All-Stars   Added:Feb 2011
Label:Acidsoxx Musicks  

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Album Review
Rev. R4D4 Leech
Reviewed 2012-01-14
Peter Stampfell & The Worm All Stars - A Sure Sign of Something

Peter Stampfell is something like your drunk, uncle from the country who plays violin and banjo, sings about wine, women and honky-tonking but has some more experimentally recorded instruments rather than the same old basic country sound. Some of the better songs got some major FCCs, so that’s a bummer. So read the review carefully, but you won’t be disappointed by any track, Peter has quite an endearing psycho-hillbilly style. Hilarious liner notes too, Peter’s been around the block.

Review by Rev. R4D4

Best tracks *3,4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14

1. (2:50)Fucking Sailors in Chinatown. Uh, that's some BIG *FCCs here.

2. (2:51)The Tennessian train rolling home complete with the actual train obliterating the song at the end.

3. (4:33) THE salute to outliving the normals & being an outlaw all the way. Fades out for a few seconds and then comes back, so don't freak out. A great track. Possible *FCC – says batshit but pretty hard to decipher with his delivery.

4.(3:18) Hoe Down with a little too much moonshine. But is there ever really too much? Yee haw!

5. (2:04) slow pace with some creaky floors and dark fiddle moves and a weird chorus time change.

6. (2:47) I'm doing you, just because. Ol' Peter gets slightly dirty but *FCC 'shit doesn’t stink.' damn.

7. (2:19) Peg & Awl – automation in 1801. Psycho-stuff, very cool.

8. (4:52) It's drunken and it's a waltz. A sad, lonely tune - late night listening/playing. Nice.

9. (1:47) Any song about ribs, I'm gonna like. Has a slight 'ghost riders in the sky' beat.

10. (4:30) Taking yer lady out for a nice night of bowling. “C’mon babe, let’s Carpe Diem”

11. (3:00) kinda gets a little rambling here, kid’s toys squeeking and stream of consciousness, but the returns to a form, sorta. Still fun!

12. (2:21) another ode to the girls of the mountain. HARD-STOMPER. DOUBLE YEE-HAWNESS!

13. (2:31)A good ol fashioned sing a long, and this song just might change the world with it’s glossolalia potential.

14. (3:24) Be Sad, for all the good tymes now gone cause of the global corporate plutocracy killing us all. A true lament.

15. (4:58) a sweet instrumental to close out the album, medium pace with some tasty noodling on banjo, mandolin, percussion.

16 - hidden track, starts 30 secs in, lots *FCCs about a very un-PC night in Edinburgh.

Track Listing
1. Fucking Sailors In Chinatown   9. Maximum Spare Ribs
2. The Tennessian   10. Last Chance
3. We're Still Here   11. Midnight In Paris
4. Wake Up Jacob   12. How Mountain Girls Can Love
5. One Will Do For Now   13. Shombolar
6. Because, Just Because   14. Be Sad
7. Peg 'n Awl   15. Comes Around
8. Drunken Banjo Waltz   16. A Wee Fortune [Bonus Mystery Track Featuring Alan Purves]