Deathly Fighter / Completely Dusted
Album: Completely Dusted   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Deathly Fighter   Added:Mar 2011
Label:Columbus Discount Records  

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In A Trenchcoat

Album Review
Hawkeye Joe
Reviewed 2012-06-07
RIYL : Young Marble Giants, Eyeless in Gaza, Death in June, Dub Syndicate, Dark Muse, Basement 5, Joy Division, Eno, O.M.D., early Bauhaus. Suitable background music for driving/mass transit, household chores, hot dates with that foreign exchange student (who's really a replicant), some Phillip K. Dick-inspired detective work...or that late-night trek to 7-11 for NyQuil. All instrumental, except "Re-Entry". Many tracks actually work well at either 33 or 45 rpm!
side A:
1) "Depth Charge" - Muddy-mixed Disco Drug Dirge, or what could possibly be the REAL "BladeRunnerCore"? You decide, not me. Personally, I could see those aging faux-Goths prancing about some dance venue, say , like Death Guild/ Dark Sparkle, etc. zoooked out of their noggins on ecstasy 'n' cheap Scotch to this one. Best at 33 rpm, unless all that nitrous oxide has your hearing a little slow.
2) " Heat" - 21st Century Detective Jazz. Most definitely BladeRunnerCore. Moody, less muddy mix. Has that early 80s/late 90s "New Wave" sound, IMO. HxJx's "Pick-to-click".
3) "Re-entry" - A very spooky, short, ambient dark track w/ ambient, non-worded vocals. Playable at either 33 or 45, although the more ominous lower speed of 33 & 1/3 is FAR more sinister. HxJx's "pick-to-click."
4) "Praying for Smoke" - Less pernicious than the previous cut, but still uncertain and brooding...synth-y eeriness abounds. Or perhaps it's just this android dreaming of electric sheep?BladeRunnerCore/MEOW-core, creep-out-your-square-dorm-mates-at-3:18 am-core. HxJx's "pick-to-click". Playable at either 33 or 45.
side B:
1) "Facing Mecca" - Plodding, depressing and thud-like at 33. However, at 45 rpm, it becomes Eno-esque, with a side trip to early 80s syntho-dirgepop. ie. the very roots of BladeRunnerCore. Slow speed = that pounding, nagging pain after that header you took playing sports when you landed on the field, as opposed to being a street extra in that SciFi Channel miniseries ala X-Files. HxJx's "pick-to-click" at 45 know it!!
2)"Completely Dusted" - At 33, it's a clubby-dubby, trippy-trance-y jaunt. At 45, it's an Orchestral Maneuvers in The Dark make-out track for that evening commute. HxJ'x "pick-to-click" at either speed.
3) "In a Trenchcoat" - "The kids will LOVE it!!", as KMFDM said on one of their remixes, and that's what I say 'bout this one. At 33, it's a somber epilogue/end title piece for your student sci-fi thriller sleuth rip-off of an old P.K. Dick or Ray Bradbury story. At 45, it's Eno-like Music-for-Film crossed w/ Joy Division (without vocals). BladeRunnerCore?? Oh, Hells Yeah!! HxJx sez it's a "pick-to-click", and adds that it's safe at any speed.

Track Listing
1. Depth Charge   4. Praying For Smoke
2. Heat   5. Facing Mecca
3. Re-Entry   6. Completely Dusted
  7. In A Trenchcoat