Giah, Roney / Queimando A Moleira
Album: Queimando A Moleira   Collection:General
Artist:Giah, Roney   Added:Mar 2011

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Reviewed 2012-02-04
Review by: Megha M
Untraditionally Brazilian w/o any percussion (or Brazilian rhythms) in "chamber-pop-inspired" cd. Acoustic instrumentation (fiddle, cello, clarinets, guitar, double bass) and pleasing male voice creates a jazzy/folk sound; the lyrics are the most unique feature across tracks this album. All tracks mellow/ slow tempo. Good for chilling out or learning Portuguese. FCC Clean. English (E)/Portuguese (P)

Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 9

1. (4:37) [We are safe under my blanket] (P) Vocal count, solo bass intro. Nice female voice in chorus. Ends with whispered giggle.
2. (4:14) (E) Spoken intro. Folksy, strong likeable accent. Nice fiddle. Light.
3. (3:20) [Take your things] (P) Sweet melody, strings, bass, nice clarinet accents.
4. (3:02) [This] (P) Tempo changes create movement between chorus and verse.
5. (3:04) [Icarus] (P) Similar feel to the rest of the tracks that follow.
6. (3:42) [Fart and speak seriously] (P) Starts with whispered laugh, weird clanging. Waltzy.
7. (5:58) [Your reggae] (P) Not a reggae song. Momentary drum effect. Mellow.
8. (2:48) (E) Voice and guitar only. Slow lovesong. Vocals too loud.
9. (3:26) (E) Channeling the Beatles feel a bit, and a little soul.
10. (5:33) [But until then] (P) Slow, pensive melody.
11. (4:01) [I'm the arrow] (P) Spoken intro. Slow, deliberate tempo.
12. (3:04) [I will heart my heart] (P) Slow, sad. slightly painful.
13. (2:36) [Measure] (P) Slow, nice rhyming.
14. (3:48) [A green background] (P) Cute accordion accent to guitar and voice.
15. (3:03) [Plastic] (P) Slow, sounds like it should have more punch than it does.
16. (1:12) [Has] (P) Nice, dramatic but mellow, accordion accents
17. (3:26) [Bethany] (P) Goes from slow to slower, accordion accents
18. (4:14) (E) All guitar version of track 2.

Track Listing
1. Estamos Seguros Embaixo Do Meu Cobertor   10. Mas Até Lá
2. The Vampire's Song (Doncha Know?)   11. Sou A Seta
3. Tire As Coisas Do Lugar   12. Vou Doar Meu Coração
4. Isto   13. Meça
5. Ícaro   14. Um Fundo Verde
6. Solta Pum E Fala Sério   15. Plástico
7. Teu Reggae   16. Tem
8. Time Is So Still   17. Betânia
9. Few People Laughing   18. The Vampire's Song (Alternate Take)