Death Set, The / Michel Poiccard
Album: Michel Poiccard   Collection:General
Artist:Death Set, The   Added:Apr 2011
Label:Ninja Tune  

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Can You Seen Straight?
4. Dec 01, 2011: It's Funny, but it's not a joke.
Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
2. Mar 12, 2013: A Familym Affair
Can You Seen Straight?
5. Aug 05, 2011: Wee Animalcules
Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
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7pm Woke Up An Hour Ago (Featuring Spankrock)
6. Jul 29, 2011: Wee Animalcules - Special Guest:!
Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (Featuring Diplo)

Album Review
metal dude
Reviewed 2011-06-08
The Death Set / Michel Poiccard review & thoughts by metal dude 5/27/11

Sound quality very good, edit version clean no FCC this band rocks, killer angry riffs

,relaxing tranquil fun & upbeat influenced by every 80's band that ever lived well

done fun crazy riffs relaxed calm rock & roll most tracks under 3 minutes Track #1 I

wanna take this tape & blowup ya fuckin amp/ intro 4 seconds fucking amp replaced

by stereo Track #2 Slap slap slap pound up down snap/ combination of rap hard rock

& beastie boys kick ass party music I'm moshing as you read this Track #3 We are going

anywhere man/upbeat hard rockin rap dance & some techno angry & rebellious electric

metal Track #4 Can you see staight/upbeat hard rockin good time music make me want

to dance Track #5 Chew it like a gun gum/ keyboard intro very angry young rebellious electra

rippin punky new wave happy upbeat rock & roll Track #6 Is that a french dog/ background

music monologue Track #7 I miss you Beau Velasco/ cool mellow rock & roll calm riffs poppy
top 40 sound easy to listen to Track #8 Michel Poiccard prefers the old (She yearns for

the devil) /punky raunchy in your

face riffs & lyrics upbeat pop rock with little bit of anger, good stuff! Track #9 I like the

wrong way/ all I can say is this is punk rock fast & short Track #10 A problem is a

problem / fast angry pop rock punky upbeat fun to listen too Track #11 Too much fun

for regrets/ angry ripping rock & roll heavy metal riffs & screaming lyrics Track #12 Kittens

inspired by kittens/ cats & kittens singing rapping & I think dancing fun stuff MEOW!!!

Track #13 7PM woke up an hour ago/ mellow laid back easy listening soft rock cool beats

music to fall asleep to Track #14 It's another day/ techno dance punk all at the same

time just a good ass kicking song this track should be a war anthem Track #15 Yo David

Chase! your P.O.V. shot me in the head/very old punk rock beats crazy Devo like sound

as well as original material well done Track #16 I been searching for the song called

fashion/ raunchy guitar riffs punky beats very 80's rebellious, angry

lots of fun Track #17 Is it the end again/ calm sychedellic world ending fun lite rock cool

quiet relaxing nice smooth guitar riffs makes you want to die!!

Track Listing
1. I Wanna Take This Tape And Blow Up Ya Fuckin Stereo   9. I Like The Wrong Way
2. Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap   10. A Problem Is A Problem It Don't Matter Where You From
3. Can You Seen Straight?   11. Too Much Fun For Regrets
4. We Are Going Anywhere Man   12. Kittins Inspired By Kittens
5. Chew It Like A Gun Gum   13. 7pm Woke Up An Hour Ago (Featuring Spankrock)
6. Is That A French Dog? (Featuring Beau Velasco)   14. It's Another Day
7. I Miss You Beau Velasco   15. Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (Featuring Diplo)
8. Michel Poiccard Prefers The Old (She Yearns For The Devil)   16. I Been Searching For This Song Called Fashion
  17. Is It The End Again?