Paintings For Animals / Kristeater
Album: Kristeater   Collection:General
Artist:Paintings For Animals   Added:May 2011
Label:Debacle Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 08, 2012: Lost Verses
4. May 30, 2012: Brownian Motion
A Ruhmn
2. Jun 07, 2012: maximum entropy ii
Lesith, A Ruhmn
5. May 10, 2012: maximum entropy ii
Satnad, A Ruhmn
3. Jun 02, 2012: Catharsis
6. May 04, 2012: Lost Verses
Ahni Hansa

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-04-26
Debacle Records brings us some morose, nocturnal drone: dense, dreary, evocative industrial soundcapes swirl around in a hazy ether. A really interesting progression of motifs, ranging from acoustic guitar meditations to foreboding barrages of power electronics. The perfect soundtrack for crawling into a dark hole and waiting for the sweet embrace of death.

1. (10:57) Feedback, static, an ebbing tide of harsh noise fades into some spacious, spooky ambient crescendos.
2. *(7:16) Sparse acoustic guitar textures with some hushed chanting is slowly engulfed in harsh gusts of static and unnerving rumbling drone.
3. (13:15) Light and creepy hovering tones joined by some repetitive lumbering fuzzed-out bass and eerie mechanical ear torture. Fades into…
4. (3:05) …relatively restrained, introspective loops of humming and chanting, slowly morphs into some dark echoes of white noise in need of an exorcism.
5. *(12:27) Anxiety-ridden screeching and rumbling harsh noise drifts slowly while relentlessly grating at the eardrums.

Track Listing
1. Ahni Hansa   3. Lesith
2. A Ruhmn   4. Aata
  5. Satnad