Scumbag Philosopher / It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing
Album: It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing   Collection:General
Artist:Scumbag Philosopher   Added:Jun 2011
Label:Words on Music  

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Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2012-01-09
British post-punk with jangly, downtrodden dissonance and a dry sense of humor. Generally mid-paced and dark—lumbering basslines and off-kilter guitar chords, alternating m/f vox. Strangely pleasant to listen to while being deliberately the opposite of “catchy.” I can imagine these chaps being lonely teenagers who are into The Raincoats and existentialism. RIYL: Mekons, Wire, The Fall, reading Sartre and Foucault on top of a double-decker bus
FCCs on 3
My picks: 2, 6 (“God Is Dead So I Listen to Radiohead”—play this if you know what you can play on college radio vs. what you can listen to at home) and 8

1. Upbeat but also dark, as post-punk can often be, bits of catchy crooning lady vox. Critique of the education system.
2. Awesome nostalgic-sounding song, cheerful despite an abundance of minor chords, about how math is cool. Makes me wish I didn’t suck at math.
3. Steady marching beat, lilting melodies swirling around. FCC “arsewipe”
4. Incessant beat, harmonic-minor riffs, warbling guitar melodies explore the upper register
5. Plodding, insistent one-two groove and whiny guitar, might get you dancing if you are a depressed British teenager on codeine
6. YES! Sweet, shrill riff. Rumbling, rocking, energetic drumming that is heavy on the toms; telling all the mainstream douchebags where to shove it
7. Droll, deadpan, mostly spoken lyrics and a jarring, angular chord progression. Crass goes to grad school.
8. Awkward, frantic strumming guitars, hectic rhythms tumbling all over the place; twin vocals rambling totally independent of each other.
9. Bouncy, jostling rhythm and some vaguely indie, maybe even happy major-key guitar melodies. The dude delivers his vocals matter-of-factly while the lady is as sweet and melodious as ever.

Track Listing
1. Tickbox Exercise   5. Scumbag Philsopher
2. I Like Sums   6. God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead
3. Your Heroes At Home   7. Sunshine Corporation
4. Isolation   8. Social Networking Site
  9. On The Shortwave