Rowland, Jess / Endless Fall Of The Infallible See & The Future Imagery Architecture, The

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The Endless Fall Of The Infallible See
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The Endless Fall Of The Infallible See

Album Review
kevin rouff
Reviewed 2011-12-01
Jess Rowland/ The Endless Fall of the Infallible See - And the Future Imagery Architecture / Edgetone Records

Cosmic smooth jazzy choir tunes, a harmonious dissonance. A whole troop of instruments in this one, specifically percussion, keyboard, and synths, with a soft mid-range single vocal (female, though you can’t tell, obscured lyrics, similar to Beach House). A fragmented neo-jazz, largely mixed experience, supposedly to evoke a sense of Architecture in a 1328 painting by Simone Martini. Medieval space travel, if you will. Most songs start with a mellow lounge jazz, and build up.Somewhat similar to Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Band Ensemble, Sun Ra, . Experimental, weird, indeed, but definitely enjoyable and interesting. 1 and 4 are favorites.
No FCC violations.

*4:45 Soft angelic vocals surrounded by some smooth offbeat drums and piano, with some buildup synths.
5:04 Keyboard jam, waves in and out, has a space feel, begins soft and grows into al all-around spacey-jazz feel, full of keyboard riffs and cymbals. Instrumental for the first 2:20, similar to an electric Sun Ra.
2:03 Has a CD-skipping background noise. Hard to tell if it’s accidental or not.
*5:25 Much smoother. Starts off with some jazzy keyboard and percussion, builds up after 2:20, down again after 3:10, and up again at 3:55. Not as cosmic, more easy listen.
4:08 Same jazzy feel, with dissonant keyboard, louder.
1:40 Synths, no keyboard, large buildup with, yes, bag-pipes. Celestial Scottish music! Again, that same “CD-skipping” sound. Instrumental.
5:04 Back to smooth keyboard. More vocal than the others, calm.
1:47 Experimental synths. Nothing that stands out really.
2:25 Star Trek tunes at first that evolve into an electro riffy beat.
1:25 Much more full ensemble feel, synthed organs. Not so cosmic, but definitely off-beat and experimental, like a drugged out nintendo theme song.
6:40 Robotic, then lounge jazz in space, like a musical spaceship control panel. Some foreign robot vocals after 4 min.
0:39 Dissonant build up to end it off. Imagine falling through the matrix.

Track Listing
1. The Endless Fall Of The Infallible See   6. Processional Pt 2
2. Ambrosian   7. Mordecai
3. Processional Pt. 1   8. The City Of The Unexpected Universe
4. Lady Bird   9. Murky Millay
5. Dreamcatcher   10. Fanfare For The Infallible See
  11. The Future Imagery Architecture