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We Saw
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Sore Spores
2. Dec 27, 2011: madame psychosis
Sore Spores
5. Dec 02, 2011: Daydream Disaster
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6. Nov 29, 2011: madame psychosis

Album Review
tina hanae
Reviewed 2011-10-11
debut album: BOBBY

Bobby ranges from epic, dreamy freak-folk music that "sound[s] variously like a nodding-off Joanna Newsom or tUnE-yArDs with the caps toggle off" according to Pitchfork. And according to a youtubee, there are songs on here that are like Minus The Bear's old stuff. Mostly lots of lush music that are floaty with bell-ridden percussion, some sleepier songs, some more tribal and repetitive. But lots of pretty beautiful music.

FCC Free; Try: 1, 9, 10

* 1. We Saw: medium-up; Long but gorgeous! dark flurry of whirlwind of Aztec-like chant, escalates, really beautiful
2. Sore Spores: ufo-accompaniment to Dirty-Projectors like female vox, then xx guy like vox--happy
3. Tomb Bloom: slow-med tempo; trail rhythm, doppler effect guitars + synth, and male vox
4. Nap Champ: slow tempo; very, very mellow, nap-inducing, repetitive
5. It's Dead Outside: mid-tempo; light tribal constant, turns into slow-mid tempo; droning, hippie-indian infused sound
6. Loading Phase: slow instrumental, dragging, digital beeps among crackling digital rain
7. Ginger (Water Birth): mid-tempo strange digital warping scratching with synth-accordian and tapping, that grows into indie-chant song that ends with a dissonant digital menagerie
8. Downing: instrumental break ofhelicopter digital hushing, factory sounds
* 9. Shimmychick: slow-mid tempo indie pop, great kind of hazy gazy stuff
*10. Groggy: like Minus The Bear's old stuff, stretched warped slow-mo voice, backed by guitar and digital background, starts slow and escalates into a best coast/chairlift type droning upbeat song
11. Dustbbeam: slow song, rolling shaker, tides of voices
12. The Shed: dark slow-mid tempo, rolling-jagged, choir chant, hissing, later digital bubbles, static chorus, then frequency and spoken voices that fade out.

--Tina Hanae

Track Listing
1. We Saw   7. Ginger (Water Birth)
2. Sore Spores   8. Downing
3. Tomb Bloom   9. Shimmychick
4. Nap Champ   10. Groggy
5. It's Dead Outside   11. Dustbeam
6. Loading Phase   12. The Shed